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Creating tranquility and balance in your own backyard
Creating tranquility and balance in your own backyard

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Preformed Ponds

Professional Pond-Free Kit by Atlantic Water Gardens

The NEW Oasis Pond-Free Kit is built by Atlantic Water Gardens out of professional grade components, but designed to be...
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Now Only: $1,196.00   Qty:  
Blue Damsel Preformed Pond in a Box

Beautifully shaped pond, right out of the box! The Blue Damsel as a very natural design for a preformed...
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Now Only: $169.99   Qty:  
Royal Coachmen Flex Garden Pond

The Royal Coachman preformed pond liner makes pond construction easy! How Flex Garden Ponds Work: Flex Garden Ponds come...
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Now Only: $189.99   Qty:  
Deck Pond Square by Aquascape (includes Water Pump)

Deck Pond Square Includes Water Pump! 32" L x 32" W x 16" H Approx. Unit Weight: 25.3 lbs....
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Now Only: $319.98   Qty:  
Gray Drake Flex Garden Pond and Fish Pond - Free Shipping!

Flexible preformed Ponds - the world's first preformed pond, folded, rolled, and stuffed into a box! The...
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Now Only: $89.99   Qty:  
Silver King Flex Garden Pond - Preformed Garden Pond in a Box - Free Shipping!

Silver King Flex Garden Pond - Preformed Pond in a box! The 91 Gallon Silver King Flex Garden Pond...
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Now Only: $129.99   Qty:  
Willow Fly Garden Pond Liner (86 Gallons) - Free Shipping!

Flexible Preformed Ponds- The worlds first preformed pond, folded, rolled and stuffed into a box!  This unique product utilizes...
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Now Only: $124.99   Qty:  
Colorfalls Pond-Free Basins by Atlantic Water Gardens

Atlantic's Colorfalls Basins are perfect for hardscape installations or small pond-free waterfalls. The basins come in two different...
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Now Only: Price Varies   Qty:  
Calais Collection Disappearing Fountain Reservoir - Reservoir and Grate sold Separately (Contact us for Shipping Quote)

The Calais Disappearing Fountain Reservoir is a catch basin used for in-ground fountain installation.  A disappearing fountain is a...
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Now Only: Price Varies   Qty:  
Disappearing Water Feature/Fountain Basins

These are heavy duty disappearing water feature basins for in-ground installations.  Our basins are ideal for smaller applications when you...
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Options566517- Little Giant 36" Disappearing Basin (DFB36 [$271.91]
566558- Little Giant 44" Disappearing Basin(DFB44) [$476.79]
Now Only: Price Varies   Qty:  
Fish Retailing System - Free Shipping!

No more jimmy-rigging tubs and filters, and no more worrying about the spread of disease. System: Separate mechanical and biological...
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Option99066 Fish Retail System (Including Sign & Holder) [$2,399.98]
99507 - Fish System High Surface Area Filter Mat [$34.38]
Now Only: $2,399.98   Qty:  
Disappearing Fountain Basin by Pond Force - Free Shipping!

Designed so you can easily add rigid PVC tubing for increased support Dimensions- 36" x 36" x 8" Economical design...
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OptionsPFB36 - Pond Force Disappearing Fountain Basin [$299.99]
PFBPVC - Rigid PVC Supports, Set of 4 [$14.99]
Now Only: Price Varies   Qty:  
Plastic Reservoir by Laguna

Plastic Reservoir (PT786) Dimensions: 26" dia. x 12" H66 dia. x 30.5 cm H Volume: 18 U.S. gal. (68...
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OptionsPlastic Reservoir - PT786 [$14.24]
Wire Geyser Grill - PT784 [$26.24]
Now Only: Price Varies   Qty:  
Plastic Tub by Laguna

Dimensions: 42" x 28.5" x 12" FREE SHIPPING!   105 cm x 72 cm x 30 cm  Volume:...
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Now Only: $259.98   Qty:  
Basin KIT and 16" Formal Falls by PondBuilder - FREE SHIPPING!

Formal Falls basin can be sunk in-ground or used above grade. The Formal Falls basin was designed to create an...
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SelectBasin KIT for 16" Formal Falls-PB1649 [$649.00]
Complete KIT - 16" Formal Falls/Basin Kit - PB1786 [$949.99]
Now Only: Price Varies   Qty:  

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