ProLine Skimmer Submersible UV Lights by PondMaster

ProLine Skimmer Submersible UV  Lights by PondMaster | PondMaster UV

ProLine Skimmer Submersible UV Lights by PondMaster

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Brand: PondMaster

SKU: SUP02910

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Only Submersible UVC on the Market!

The Submersible UV Lights by PondMaster is  the only submersible Ultra Violet Clarifiers on the market! Submersible ultraviolet clarifier increases installation options for clean, clear pond water. Pondmaster Submersible UV Clarifier/Sterilizer is designed for use inside or out of your pond to suit your needs. Versatile submersible UV clarifier can be placed inside your pond for convenient and discreet installation. "Halo Ring" indicators allow quick and easy visual confirmation of UV operation. Built-in vortex flow design increases efficiency by exposing pond water to cleansing UV light for a longer period of time. Extremely compact footprint fits in the smallest pond skimmer chambers. 

Treat pond water with UV light to control unsightly green pond water algae and improve water clarity. Reduce the flow rate through the unit to target waterborne, disease-causing microorganisms harmful to pond inhabitants. Pondmaster Submersible UV Clarifier/Sterilizer features a rugged housing that ensures years of reliable use. Includes submersible transformer, 18 ft grounded power cord, quartz sleeve and an ultraviolet lamp that boasts a long lasting 9,000 lifetime hours. 

Available In:

SUP02910 - For ponds up to 1500 gallons and pump up to 700 GPH. 3/4" barb inlet/outlet. 20 watt UV. (12.5 x 3.75 x 4.25)

SUP02920 - For ponds up to 3000 gallons and pump up to 1800 gph. 1" barb inlet/outlet. 40 watt UV  (18.25 x 3.25 x 4.25)

SUP02940 - For ponds up to 6000 gallons and pump up to 3000 gph.1-1/2" barb inlet/outlet elbows.  (24 x 3.25 x 4.25)

Replacement Parts for UV Clarifiers 


SUP12971 - 10 Watt Bulb

SUP12972 - 20 Watt Bulb

SUP12974 - 40 Watt Bulb 

Quartz Sleeve

SUP12981 - 10 Watt Quartz Sleeve

SUP12982 - 20 Watt Quartz Sleeve

SUP12984 - 40 Watt Quartz Sleeve


SUP12991 - 10 Watt Ballast

SUP12992 - 20 Watt Ballast 

SUP12996 - 40 Watt Ballast


  • Glowing Monitor Halo Ring
  • Black color is unobtrusive whether used in or out of water
  • Includes transformer and 18' grounded power cord
  • Unique Vortex flow design for increased contact time
  • 9000 hour lamps


 Model (Wattage)

Max Gallons Clear Green Water/Kill Bacteria 

Max Flow (GPH) Clear Green Water/Kill Bacteria




1,500/ 500 



3" Diam. x 12" Long 





3" Diam. x 18" Long 





3" Diam. x 24" Long 

Operating Instructions

The quartz sleeve is not installed and is located in a separate box inside the main box. To install the sleeve, insert the round end into the main body until the rubber ring is all the way down into the main body. A flange will prevent the ring from going any further. It will rest against the main body. To remove the sleeve for cleaning, take a kitchen knife or thin screwdriver and pry between the rubber flange and main body.

The UV lamp is not installed and is located inside the main box. To install the lamp, unscrew the transformer from the main body. Align the center slot and pins with the mating connector that is inside the transformer. Push the lamp down firmly. Slide the lamp and transformer into the quartz sleeve and screw the transformer onto the main body. Do not overtighten the transformer when screwing it to the main body. Tighten the transformer by hand.

Attention: Always turn off the power before handling or servicing the unit. Never look at the lamp rays. Please note the Halo Rings transmit visible light only. This indicates the unit is working. Keep in mind that the lamp will produce visible light long after it has stopped producing effective UV light.

Warning: The unit is for seasonal use only. It should not be used in freezing conditions because the quartz tube will crack, exposing live electrical current to the water. If the unit is dropped, do not use it. Unplug it first and inspect the quartz sleeve for breakage or small cracks.

General Information
For best results, the total amount of water in the pond should pass through the UV light every 2-1/2 to 3 hours. Pumping the water too fast will shorten the "dwell time" (the time that the water in the unit is exposed to the ultraviolet rays).

The Pondmaster Submersible UV Clarifier/Sterilizer is the only submersible unit on the market. It can also be used outside the pond when connected with tubing.

The lamp has a life of 9,000 hours, which means if you use the light continuously for 6 months per year, in most regions of the country, it will last 2 years. The unit should remain "ON" 24 hours a day throughout the season. For the best possible performance, it is recommended that the lamp be replaced every year because it slowly degrades. Keep in mind that the lamp will produce visible light long after it has stopped producing the UV wavelength.

The quartz sleeve should be cleaned periodically. Dirt or lime scale buildup will block the UV light and reduce efficiency. Clean the quartz tube with vinegar and a scrub pad.

View the PDF for complete operating instructions.

View PDF Info Sheet


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