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Creating tranquility and balance in your own backyard
Creating tranquility and balance in your own backyard

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MicroSkim by AquaScape - Now FREE SHIPPING on Skimmer

MicroSkim by AquaScape

Aquascape's family of field-proven, time-tested skimmers are the #1 selling skimmers in the water garden market. No gizmos or gadgets designed by engineers behind a desk, but rather, functional, easy-to-install and maintain filters designed by actual pond builders. 

99771 - MicroSkim

Good things come in small packages with Aquascape's MicroSkim® Filter. Our compact skimmer is an affordable solution for smaller ponds up to 200 sq. ft. and less than 1,000 gallons. The MicroSkim® is designed to handle pumps up to 3,000 gallons per hour. MicroSkim offers professional grade features and quality for the DIY market ... no wonder it's so popular!

  • Unique Filter Brush Cartridge secrures brushes, making it easy to remove for cleaning
  • Round Shape maximizes structural strength
  • Works Great with the Aquasurge  line of pumps!
  • 6" Wide Opening
  • Dimensions: 20" Deep x 17.5" High x 17.5" Wide

-Note: The Aquasurge PRO pumps are too large. 

Replacement Parts

Choose from the following: 

99772 - MicroSkim Signature Replacement Filter Brush Set -  (New Style 2007 and later) with Metal Frame and no loops 

99218 - MicroSkim Brush Set - (Old Style Pre-2007) with Rod with Loop Now available in Black 

99775 - MicroSkim Debris Net (New Style) (16' across top x 14 1/4" at bottom x 12 3/4" Tall)  

99219 - MicroSkim Debris Net Replacement -  (Old Style Debris Net - 12.5" across Top x 11.5" across the bottom x 12" High) 

99869 - MicroSkim Rod -   

60007 - MicroSkim Stone Lid -  (DISCONTINUED)(Will only fit Old-style pre-2007 Square MicroSkim - No artificial rock lid is available for new style)

29257 - Weir Skimmer 6' ( fits Micro, Classic and Mini)  

 41280 - Old-Style Brush Replacement - Matala Filter Mat

New MicroSkim Brush 

99772 - Cartridge - 15.5" across the top x 14" across the bottom x 12.75" tall

99218 -  Old MicroSkim Brush SET- 13" tall and the rod is 13.5" long and there is a qty. of 4 brushes per set.

Features and benefits: 

  • * Durable Lid - Provides protection of filter components
  • * Debris Net - Traps larger leaves and debris 
  • * Filter Brushes - Provides additional mechanical filtration 
  • * Skimmer Door - Skims the surface of the pond 
  • * Microskim - Housing design is rounded; creating strength and durability


  • Signature Series MicroSkim


Item # 


Weir Size 

Pump Size 

Pond Size  (Sq. Ft.)

Filtering Type 

  • 99771
  • 20"L x 17.5" W x 17.5" H 
  • 6" 
  • Up to 3,000 GPH 
  • Up to 100  
  •  Debris Net and Brushes Cartridge

Each Skimmer contains:

  • Debris net
  • Four filter brushes
  • Barbed & slip fittings for both 1 1/2" Kink Free and flexible PVC
  • Durable lid
  • Skimmer weir door
  • Fish safe silicone and hardware to attach EPDM Fish-Safe liner.


Handles pumps from 500 GPH to 3,000 GPH. Upgraded Feature - New Filter Brush Cartridge (99772) secures brushes making it easy to remove for cleaning. 

Better Fit - AquaSurge pump designed to sit in horizontal position. Rounded shape improves structural strength. Note:

The Old-style Pre-2007 MicroSkim Filter brushes (99218) with the Loops are now available again. They are now black and are in stock.

The "Old-Style" pre-2007 Skimmer box is Square or rectangular when viewed from above while the "New Style"MicroSkims are rounded.

MicroSkim Features

1. Filterbrush Cartridge secures brushes making it easy to remove for cleaning.

2. Large volume debris net.

3. Includes overflow management system.

4. Rounded shape provides maximum strength

5. Large 6" inch opening handles flow rates 

6. Corrosion resistant non-cross threading hardware stands up to the elements.   

7. Rounded shape provides maximum strength 

8. Corrosion resistant non-cross threading hardware stands up to the elements.

New MicroSkim Lid  -20" x 17.5" - Part# 99792

View the PDF for complete operating instructions.

View PDF Info Sheet

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99771 - MicroSkim Skimmer
99771 - MicroSkim Skimmer
MicroSkim Filter Brush Set -New Style – 99772
MicroSkim Filter Brush Set -New Style – 99772
MicroSkim® Debris Net  (New) - 99775
MicroSkim® Debris Net (New) - 99775
MicroSkim by AquaScape

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