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Creating tranquility and balance in your own backyard
Creating tranquility and balance in your own backyard

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Aquascape Pond Kit - Do it Yourself Pond

Aquascape Pond Kit - Do it Yourself Pond

You will find this Aquascape Pond Kit ONLY here! 

Ideal for the serious do-it-yourselfer, this pond kit is designed for streams up to 15 feet. 

The Signature Series 8.0 Skimmer and Signature Series 2500 BioFalls system driven by the most energy-efficient pump Aquascape makes - the AquaSurge 3000 - will filter heavier fish loads with ease. 

The 3000 gph commercial grade solids handling pump with a THREE YEAR WARRANTY which gives you the ability to construct a beautiful waterfall, stream and pond. 

 The Aquascape Pond Kits here contain the Following Main Components: 

*Signature Series 8.0 Skimmer

* Signature Series 2500 BioFalls with new detachable lip 

* Faux Rock Lid on Skimmer 

* 2" x 25' Flexible PVC Pipe 

* 3000 AquaSurge Pump

* 2" Check Valve Assembly by Aquascape - 29501 

* Beneficial Bacteria for Ponds - Dry - by Aquascape - 4.4 oz 

* Fish Safe Black Silicone - 4.7 Oz by Aquascape  

* BioBalls from Aquascape - 2 Boxes - 100 pieces each 

* 1 1/2" Male Thread x 2" Slip Adapter - 99144 

* Aquascape Black Waterfall Foam - 16 oz 

Use the "select size" drop down menu at the top of the page to add your item choice to the shopping cart. 

 Aquascape Pond Kits 11' x 11' Kit 1,815 Gallon Pond (99997) 

* All Main Components

* 15' x 15' EPDM Liner - 45 mil

* 225 square feet Underlayment 

Aquascape Pond Kits 11' x 16' Kit - 2,640 Gallon Pond (99998) 

* All Main Components

* 15' x 20' EPDM Liner 

* 300 square feet Underlayment 

 Aquascape Pond Kit 15' x 15' Kit - 3,375 Gallon Pond (99999) 

* All Main Components 

*20' x 20' EPDM Liner

* 400 square feet Underlayment 

 Additional Options 

99995 - Upgrade Pump to Aquasurge 4000 gph for only $20!!!! 

99996 - Upgrade Pump to Aquasurge 5000 gph for only $40!!!! 

99994 - Upgrade Pump to Aquascape Pro 4500 gph for only $175!!!!  

29469 Hudson Float Valves by Aquascape (AutoFill Valve)

Still looking for the perfect solution? See all options in Aquascape Pond Kits

All pond parts are by Aquascape except for the PondGard Pond Liners by Firestone which are 45-mil EPDM flexible rubber pond liner. 20-year manufacturer's guarantee against UV breakdown. Ozone resistant; will not blister,crack, or deteriorate in direct sunlight. Fish friendly.

This is THE Aquascape pump to replace your Aquascape Pro 3000 or Aquascape Pro 4500.
The Top Three Reasons for replacing your Aquascape Pro 3000 or 4500:

1. Price is about $80 - $120 cheaper
2. AquaSurge 3000 gph pump takes only 180 Watts vs. 280 watts for the Aquascape Pro 3000. The AquaSurge 5000 gph pump takes 250 Watts vs 625 Watts for the Aquascape Pro 4500.
3. The AquaSurge is the FIRST pump in the industry to have a THREE year warranty. The Aquascape Pro line has a 2 year warranty.

High flow rates and low electrical operating costs make the AquaSurge pump Aquascape's top seller. Robust, reliable, efficient, and quiet. Low electrical operating cost. Fish safe - uses no oil. 20 ft. cord. Includes one 1.5" threaded coupler that converts the 1.5" Male Thread to a 1.5" Female Thread and one 90 elbow. Can be used vertically or horizontally. Recommended for use in a skimmer prefilter or MicroSnorkel(tm) Pondless Waterfall Vault. 3-year warranty.

Signature Series Skimmer 8.0 by Aquascape:

Aquascape's top selling professional-grade skimmers includes patented features that make installation a snap and components designed to make maintenance effortless.

  • Signature Series Skimmer 8.0 can handle flow rates up to 10,000 GPH
  • Stainless steel hardware provides resistance to corrosion
  • Molded stainless steel insert ensures easy attachment
  • Signature Series" skimmer is designed to handle one Tsurumi, up to two AquaSurge" pumps, or up to two horizontal AquascapePR0" pumps.
  • 25% bigger than the Classic Series standard and large skimmer
  • Patented Adjustable Faceplate:
  • Natural Looking Faux Rock Lid!
  • Easy Maintenance
  • Filter mat removes smaller sediment and debris
  • Injection molded fittings:Check valve threads into skimmer wall providing a professional watertight seal along the back of the filter.
  • "Dial-in" overflow adjustment
  • 21' wide at top x 26.5" Tall x 22" front-to-back

UltraFalls BioFalls:
The perfect solution for projects that need a biological filter larger than the standard BIOFALLS, but smaller than the grande BIOFALLS the UltraFalls Filter handles 6,000 gph. 19" Lip - 26" Wide x 27" Front-to-back x 25" deep

Words of Wisdom from Brian Helfrich - Head of Aquascape Chicago Construction Operations

Using Rock to Create Natural-Looking Water Features

Aquascape Ecosystem PondAs pond builders, I mean artists; we are always striving for perfection. How can we make our water features better? What can we do different? What tricks have we not tried yet? What media (stone) have we not worked with and how big can we get it?

I fall into this state of mind almost everyday, thinking bigger is better. "We need machines to make our projects look good and we need machine-placed boulders to make it look natural."

As much as I enjoy the look of the large rock and the challenge of working with it, I would not agree that it is the key to a successful pond. The key to a successful pond is the system that is being installed, the system to which it is being installed, and the artist who is installing it.

When talking about my favorite projects I often say the same three things. "I love the ponds where I can't tell where the water ends and the land begins," and " I love the projects where I can't see the entire water feature from one viewing area. The ones where strategic landscaping and design create a little bit of mystery. The ones that make you leave your seat and get up to explore and discover what else may be around the corner."

I never say how important machine-placed boulders are, but I do say, "The boulders and rock should look like they were born there. They should be to scale with the project, and there should be a ratio of small, medium, and large rocks, whatever small medium and large means to you."

To see more photos of rock placement in water features, check out my photo album on Facebook.

View the PDF for complete operating instructions.

View PDF Info Sheet

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Upgrade Liner from 9999 to 15x25
Upgrade Liner from 9999 to 15x25
Aquascape Pond Kit - Do it Yourself Pond

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