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Creating tranquility and balance in your own backyard
Creating tranquility and balance in your own backyard

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PondSweep SK700PRO/SK900 PRO Skimmers - Discontinued in 2013

PondSweep SK700PRO/SK900 PRO Skimmers

New Official Aquascape Retail Skimmer!

Why spend hours removing debris from your pond?

Aquascape pond surface skimmers remove unwanted debris, including protein film, from the surface of the pond before it has time to sink - reducing unnecessary maintenance.

These filters feature large removable debris nets that allow for quick and easy maintenance.

The PondSweep SK700pro has a maximum flow rate of 3,000 gph and can easily handle a 3,000 gallon pond.

The PondSweep SK900pro has a maximum flow rate of 7,000 gph and can easily handle a 7,000 gallon pond.

PondSweep's patented skimmer bellows creates suction on the surface of the pond keeping the pond surface clear from debris.

PondSweep includes an easy-to-clean filter mat reducing filter maintenance.

Aquascape removed the flimsy filter mats traditionally sold with the PondSweep Line and upgraded them to the rigid Matala Filter Mats

- Significantly reduces the frequency of filter mat cleaning

- The design of Matala Mats allow water to continue to freely flow through the upper portions of the mat

- Rigid structure of the Mat is extremely easy to clean Patented Bellows Style Door

The majority of dirt and debris that accumulates in a pond is blown in and therefore floats initially on the surface.

PondSweep Skimmers have a patented bellows weir that creates suction on the surface of the pond pulling more dirt and debris into the skimmer than any competitors Dry Cleaning:

The bellows door seals shut, so the pond owner can easily remove the mat and net without plunging their arms into cold dirty water to reach a horizontal mat Recommended Flow: SK700PRO - 1,000-3,000 gph

SK900PRO - 1,500-7,000 gph

The skimmer door is so efficient, the skimmer can circulate water off the bottom at the same time for more effective pond cleaning and reduced debris levels if used with the Optional PondSweep Bottom Sweep Kit (40200)

PondSweep SK700PRO - 00250 - 8" WeirPondSweep SK900PRO - 00900 - 10" Weir

SK700 PRO Debris Net - 60210 


SK900-1200 PRO Debris Net - 41206


Matala Filter Mat PondSweep SK700P - 16.5" across the top x 21" High x 14.5" along the bottom - 41281


Matala-like Filter Mat PondSweep SK900P - 41282 - 20.7" across the top x 26.5" High x 17.7" along the bottom


Filter Mat PondSweep 900-1200 - 21" on narrow edge x 18" deep and 26" on long edge - 41203


Liner Attachment for PondSweep SK700P - 41148


Mat Tray - 900/1200 SK Pro - 41257


PondSweep Bottom Sweep Kit   - Discontinued but still available

The PondSweep Bottom Sweep Kit helps improve circulation, filtration, and water clarity by continuously drawing in water from the bottom of the pond. Ideal for Koi ponds.

#40200 2" Bottom Sweep Kit

NOTE: As of 10/24/13, Matala is no longer the supplier of these mats. They comer from an alternatiove supplier made expressly for Aquascape and may come in either Green or white.

Click "View PDF Info Sheet" for Instruction Manual:

View the PDF for complete operating instructions.

View PDF Info Sheet

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SK700 PRO Debris Net-60210
SK700 PRO Debris Net-60210
SK900-1200 PRO Debris Net-41206
SK900-1200 PRO Debris Net-41206
Matala-like Filter Mat PondSweep® SK700P - 412
Matala-like Filter Mat PondSweep® SK700P - 412
Matala-like Filter Mat PondSweep® SK900P - 412
Matala-like Filter Mat PondSweep® SK900P - 412
PondSweep SK700PRO/SK900 PRO Skimmers

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