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Creating tranquility and balance in your own backyard
Creating tranquility and balance in your own backyard

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Savio Livingponds Versatile Filter - Place Up to 10' Away From Pond

Savio Livingponds Versatile Filter


Savio Livingponds Filters offer superior water quality, simplified plumbing, and low maintenance

Carefully engineered cylindrical design puts pond water into a self-cleaning, dynamic "spin cycle" - harnessing the natural dynamics of moving water for complete bio-mechanical filtration.

Livingponds Versatile Filters allow you to be more creative with the placement of your biological filtration system. Unlike filters that have to be placed at the top of the waterfall, the Versatile Filter can be hidden easily behind fences, shrubs, or surrounding landscape - up to 10' away from the pond.

Livingponds filters injection-molded housings are rigid enough to use above or below ground. Versatile filters are the choice of professional installers who want the flexibility of executing designs without equipment getting in the way.

The Versatile filter features a 2" outlet that can be connected to a standard MIPT PVC adapter.

Savio Livingponds filters were engineered to harness the natural dynamics of moving water. Their cylindrical design puts pond water into a self-cleaning, highly dynamic "spin cycle". This process removes the heaviest debris before it gets to the filter media, and ensures that water is evenly distributed throughout the filter chamber. The net result is a filter that operates nearly 4x more effectively than those clunky box filters.

Cleaning a Livingponds filter is a breeze! All Savio Livingponds filters use Savio Springflo - the original, patented media that resists clogging, compaction and channelling. To clean, gently agitate the media, then drain the filter. Using the optional bottom drain accessory (sold separately) simplifies this task even further - allowing you to empty nutrient-rich pond water to your garden. No fuss, no muss, and no ruined clothing.

Savio Livingponds filters complete filtration for ponds up to 5,000 gallons. But if you need to add more filtration capacity for ponds over 5000 gallons, that's no problem - Savio's modular design makes it easy to connect multiple units together.

The pond water will not clear - how can I fix this?
Several possibilites exist for this issue. If bacteria have not been established, you will need to add Savio Natural Beneficial Bacteria(tm) and wait 3-4 weeks. Another possibility is that your filter is too small for the pond, in which case you will have to add another filter and/or UV. If Pond is overstocked, a reduction in fish population or an increase in filtration is needed. And finally, if there is a possibility that the filter media is overcleaned, you will need to refer to the maintenance section for proper care of media.

The filter smells - how do I remedy this?
The filter needs cleaning, and Savio Natural Beneficial Bacteria(tm) should be added.

The filter is overflowing. What do I do?
The outlet may be obstructed, in which case you will need to remove obstruction. If the 90 downspout is not installed at intake, you will need to read instructions for proper assembly of filter and correct positioning. If there is an improper plumbing configuration, you will need to read instructions for proper assembly of filter and correct the problem there.

Water is flowing slowly from my filter. What do I do?
Perhaps the pump is turned off or obstructed. Check pump operation and remove any obstruction.

View the PDF for complete operating instructions.

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Savio Livingponds Versatile Filter

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