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Creating tranquility and balance in your own backyard
Creating tranquility and balance in your own backyard

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OptionsSodium Biphosphate 5 lbs. - WLS001 [$23.99]
Sodium Biphosphate 10 lbs. - WLS002 [$46.49]
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Sodium Biphosphate - Lowers pH

Sodium Biphosphate

Lowers pH to keep fish safe

This safe, effective treatment lowers pH to keep fish safe without the dangers of handling liquid solutions.

1 cup treats 480 gallons.

Sodium biphosphate is an acidic phosphate powder that can be used to lower pH in freshwater aquariums. It is an old-fashioned chemical that has always been used in aquariums. It is non-toxic to fish and it will lower the pH


User Comment: "The only product I have found that masters the PH in my pond is sodium biphosphate."

NOTE: The Phosphate may promote algae growth.

Sodium Biphosphate

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