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Creating tranquility and balance in your own backyard
Creating tranquility and balance in your own backyard

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BioTec 10.1 - Discontinued

BioTec 10.1

During the past few years OASE has with the Biotec 10 marketed the most successful filter concept available. Biotec 10.1 is the direct follow-up developments of this great product.

Basically, this new filter is also a flow through filter which has many advantages, such as the rich supply of oxygen and high flow through rates.

Remaining fish food, fish excrement, decaying vegetation and also petals, leaves and dust brought in by the wind pollute a pond with a surplus of nutrients. The consequences are often algae growth and murky ponds. Increased decomposition processes also pollute the pond with toxic substances, which will reduce plant growth and endanger the health of fish or other occupants of the pond.

The biological cleaning

This is where the Biotec 10.1 get really active. The polluted water is fed into the filter system with the help of an Aquamax filter pump. The optimised filter surfaces trap the pollution particles and thus clean the pond mechanically.

Additionally, the filter develops the all important biological environment to enable the nitrification in oxygen-rich conditions (blue and red filter foams). During this process toxic nitrite compounds are converted into other harmless compounds.

Biotec 10.1 furthermore offer the required volume and a sufficiently large filter surface area for the second stage of the decomposition of nitrite compounds, the denitrification (green filter foams). Here, in an oxygen poor area, micro-organisms help to convert the end product of the nitrification process into gaseous nitrogen which can escape from the pond.

Easy cleaning Systematically

  • All filter foams are suspended. When they require cleaning they can simply be squeezed against the intermediate plate with the help of the cleaning lever. The integrated waste outlet can then be opened for the dirty water to drain out.
  • To support the cleaning function you can connect a fresh water supply to rinse the filter.
  • An overflow at the intermediate platform leaves no doubt about any possible maintenance requirement.

Very important:

  • Enough oxygen in the filter at all times To ensure that there is enough oxygen in the water, it always enters through a nozzle based on the venturi principle.
  • Furthermore, the filter has an external connection for an aeration pump (Aqua-Oxy). Particularly in hot weather a pond can suffer a lack of oxygen.
  • The thermometer displays the current water temperature and in autumn it indicates when the filter can be dismantled for safe over wintering. (Water temperatures below 6C).
  • High quality materials and construction as well as functional design symbolise the new Biotec filter range.

Product characteristics at a glance.

  • Fish waste and food remnants, dead plants, as well as blossoms and leaves are quickly decomposed.
  • Healthy pond climate thanks to clear, algae-free, oxygen-rich water.
  • Special filter sponges (red and blue) for highly effective nitrification and de-nitrification (green).
  • Overflow display at the intermediate lid indicates when maintenance is required.
  • Cleaning via the sludge drain by simply pulling the integrated slide valve.
  • Pollution indicator and thermometer for monitoring the water temperature.
  • Additional connector for adding oxygen via external aerator pumps (AquaOxy).
  • Long service life due to high-quality materials in functional design and first-class workmanship

BioTec 10.1

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