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Building a Fountainscape with an AquaBasin and UltraPump is a Snap!


Combining Aquascape’s new Generation Three UltraPumps with their AquaBasins makes adding an exciting new Fountainscape a breeze.

The cleverly designed AquaBasins can support heavy Basalt Columns easily in a space as small as 45″ x 45″. The new UltraPump Generation Three Pumps now come with all the fittings that you need to support as many as three fountains with one pump. The pumps even come with a THREE YEAR warranty! Make sure you order the new 6′ Lengths of 1/2″ (#88003) and 3/4″ (#98404) Kink-Free tubing and you have all the plumbing you will need

date Posted on: Saturday, May 5th, 2012 at 12:00 am
Category Pond Products, Pond Tips.
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  • Lee Vorisek

    I would like to install a fountain on the decking of an octagonal patio in back. The patio is concrete with a finished overlay. Therefore, to install one of your fountains using a basin that requires digging into the ground is not practical. Do you make any basins that can sit on top of the decking?

  • Just got this back from Aquascape tech:
    “The AquaBasin can be installed above ground, the customer will just want to disguise the walls of the basin with stone work or plantings to make it more aesthetically pleasing. We also have the Patio Bowls that you can install a small spitter into.”

  • I love this fountain and I have the right space to put it in I would love two standing waterfalls. How much is this whole project and how do I have to get one. NYC doesn’t have a Nursery to do it, so how do get one and how much is everything including all the essentials. My name is Poco and my # is
    646-354-3964. I would love someone to contact me about this. I do have a Landscaper to help me do this. thank you.

  • Hi Poco,
    Please see the Aquascape Basalt Columns at http://www.thepondoutlet.com/home/tpo/page_3446
    Let me know which one you would like and let me know.
    We will then select the appropriate AquaBasin and pump that you will need. We will ship from our Warwick NY warehouse. We should be able to recommend a Contractor for you.

  • Thanks for getting back to me. I would like to add two unequal sizes for tho project, and a little larger basin if there is one but I don’t care, I love this one. I have very bad hand surgeries on me at the moment and have several discs in my back that it makes it hard for me to do the work on my own or I would. If you could get me someone who can do this and help my garden look like iot used to be, I would love it. If someone could call me for this project I would appreciate it . My phone # is 646-354-3964, I would love to speak to someone please. Thanks for the response. You could email me too if that’s better, but soon. Thanks for your help. Poco Pascua

  • Josi Pushka

    I have a question…I have installed the small aqua basin and pump and am very pleased with it.
    How do I maintain it? Do I need to clean the pump hosing periodically? Do I need to add chlorine or other chemicals to the water?
    I would be pleased if you have any imput on this.
    Please advise.

  • Josi Pushka

    PS…we used the pump system for a simple water fall.

  • Very little maintenance for AquaBasin. Definitely do NOT use Chlorine as it will ruin your pump and kill all the beneficial bacteria in the Ecosystem. Adding a little Beneficial Bacteria for Ponds Dry would help.

  • janie haver

    Do you have to use a aquabasin pump with an aquabasin? I have a little giant pump.

  • You can use any pump. Each size Aquabasin has a maximum gph that it is rated for. The Large AquaBasin (45x45x14) can handle up to 4000gph. The Small AquaBasin (30x30x10) can handle up to 2000gph