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Building a Fountainscape with an AquaBasin and UltraPump is a Snap!


Combining Aquascape’s new Generation Three UltraPumps with their AquaBasins makes adding an exciting new Fountainscape a breeze.

The cleverly designed AquaBasins can support heavy Basalt Columns easily in a space as small as 45″ x 45″. The new UltraPump Generation Three Pumps now come with all the fittings that you need to support as many as three fountains with one pump. The pumps even come with a THREE YEAR warranty! Make sure you order the new 6′ Lengths of 1/2″ (#88003) and 3/4″ (#98404) Kink-Free tubing and you have all the plumbing you will need

date Posted on: Saturday, May 5th, 2012 at 12:00 am
Category Pond Products, Pond Tips.
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