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Pick the Right Pond Netting


The type of pond netting you choose depends on what you are looking to accomplish.  Pond nets are made to either keep leaves and debris out and/or protect the pond from predators. Nets can be elevated above the water but the majority are designed to float on top of the water. Some are very low profile and very thin, however some of those may only last a season or two. Others are virtually indestructible and will last forever. Some of the nets come with stakes and re-usable bags to store them.

And you thought it was going to be easy to pick a net?

Of course one of the main factors to keep in mind is making sure that the net you select comes in the size that you are looking for. Some of the nets may be cut but others may unravel should you decide to trim. Best to call us before you order if you are planning on cutting the net.

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The top-of-the-line Premium Pond Netting with tight 1/8″ mesh  is virtually indestructible and keeps EVERYTHING out with Brass Grommets every 2 feet.



 Heron and Critter Netting provides the widest weave —  2 inch netting with with heavy knots designed to keep out critters.




A good all-purpose netting at ½” which will keep out most leaves and even comes with 12 stakes is the Ultra Pond Netting by Atlantic Water Gardens





There are two types of netting that elevate above the water. The Pond & Garden Protector from Atlantic Water Garden and the “Big Top”







If you are covering a huge area, you might consider the Bulk Pond Netting which comes in 14′ x 75′ or the Bulk Netting/Roll which comes in 20′ x 100′ x 3/8″

In summary, make sure that you order the correctly sized pond net that is going to do the job that your place and pond require.

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