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PondoVac 5 - The Latest from Oase


The Pondovac 5 is the latest in pond vacuum products from Oase. It offers full power without interruption, thanks to separate suction and pump function.  It provides maximum suction depth of 8 ft (2.5 m).

The multi-function PondoVac 5 vacuum thoroughly and effortlessly removes debris and silt from ponds or pools, or from wet floors of any type.

Cleaning plant debris, sludge and waste from fish that accumulates in your pond is a necessary task of regular pond maintenance.  If left unchecked, the decomposing matter often creates an unwanted odor. Fish waste that collects in the the bottom of the pond increases the risk of nitrates forming in the water and depletes oxygen.

The sludge vacuums of the PondoVac series are optimally suited for this task, and your pond will thank you with healthy, clear water. A pond vac operates much like a regular household vacuum cleaner. Use on the surface of the pond to remove sludge and brown algal growth.

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New improved features include:

WASTEWATER DISCHARGE PUMP The suction pump runs simultaneously, allowing for non-stop vacuuming. Integrated waste pump empties the container continuously during use.
DRAIN WITH QUICK CONNECTION On the outlet side, the PondoVac 5 has a plastic quick connect for a reliable and watertight seal, and easy removal for storage
HAND REGULATOR For adjusting the suction power, based on water depths.
RE-FILTER BAGS Larger particles such as pebbles or leaves are retained in the Pre-Filter bag. The zippered bag makes for easy emptying.
LARGE COMMERCIAL WHEELS Larger wheels (6 in.) ensure stable movement through rough terrain as well as low-noise when in operation

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