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A Challenge for the PondMeister


A customer recently posed an interesting question: how to cover an unsightly area where there was an old diving board and a power box. The area looked like this:

The Pondmeister accepted the design challenge! He suggested using an Aquascape Patio Pond to cover the diving board area and a faux log cover for the electrical box.















But why stop with one good idea? We reached out to our experts at Blue Thumb Ponds and Easy Pro for their suggestions. They had lots of good tips to offer.

Brandt at Blue Thumb wrote:

One of our old Oasis Aqua Boxes may work for her area. The Oasis is tall enough that it could go over the power box and  long enough to cover both. The customer would be able to choose any vase, fountain, triple column, or GFRC Boulder to go on top of the box as it will hold up to 3000 lbs with the aluminum grates. 

The customer would want to enclose the box with patio blocks, or other stone to hide the black box. If they don’t cement the blocks in, they would still have access to the power box if needed.




Easy Pro responded:

Of course, hiding electric with water is not ideal, but if it were my patio, this is what I’d do.

Any of our statuary vase kits or the two small basalt kits – Bevel Sided Basalt Fountain 16″  or Set of 3 Keyed Spillway Basalts 6″, 12″, 18″  that come with the RBH29 or RBH23 basins. Then just frame around it to hide it, and everything else they want hidden, leaving access of some sort to the power outlet should they ever need to access it, it’ll be convenient to do so. Basically, instead of burying the basin in the ground, they’d just frame around it to hide it.

What would YOU do?


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