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Very Cool New AquaRock Bubbler Fountain Kits



Aquascape has just announced a brand new complete AquaRock Bubbling Fountain Kit using Natural Stone that can be used either as a focal point in your garden or in a stand-alone Container Vase.  The video above shows the ten easy steps for installing this water feature into your landscape for under $100!   


  The Aqua Rock Fountain Kit can be put in a decorative pot for indoor or patio use as well as in the garden and installs in less than 30 minutes with only a shovel.    

 The pump is designed to make a 2-3 inch water spout which provides a rich sound of bubbling water.
The bucket is self filling in wet climates where rain fall is higher.
Each rock is 100% natural making every one unique and different. A piece of art.
Water continuously recycles through the underground bucket.
The perforated lid on the bucket allows water to drain into the bucket but keeps out dirt and silt so the pump will never clog.

Included in every AquaRock Fountain Kit:
1. Five Gallon Bucket
2. Perforated Lid
3. 130 GPH Pump
4. Vinyl Hose
5. Plastic Liner
6. Natural Rocks with Holes
7. Instructions

It can even be used in a stand-alone decorative vase of your choosing either inside or outside on your patio as shown in the video above.    

Please use the Coupon Code – rockblog – in the Coupon Code Box at Check-out to get a 10% discount    

AquaRock Garden Installation Steps

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