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Floating Duck Houses?


When Lorie VanWerden called me last year representing Heartwood from Fruitful Sales and said she had this awesome new product – a Floating Duck House – my first reaction was: “How in the world would a duck know that a house is for them?” and my second was: “Is the world ready for a Floating Duck House?”

After selling a number of them in the first year, we started to get feedback like:

“We bought our floating duck house a few weeks ago from your website.  Momma duck moved in very quickly and has laid eggs every morning.  Thank you.  Bob K”

We prompted Bob for pictures and he replied:

“Here are a couple of photos of the floating duck house.  One with momma in the house and a full shot of our pond.”


date Posted on: Tuesday, April 13th, 2010 at 10:34 pm
Category Pond News, Pond Products.
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  • Well said Richard! Nice to know that the Floating Duck house is all that it was ‘quacked up’ to be! It was great seeing the pictures that Bob K. sent in…talk about a great testimonial!! Love it!! Continued success to you. ~Lorie ‘the duck house fan’ VanWerden

  • Glad you did not duck the issue Lori! Thanks again.

  • Thank you extremely much for the game review. I believe I will need to go purchase it the day after tomorrow!

  • Mary Anne Hawley

    Mr. Pond Meister,
    Where can I purchase a floating duck house like yours? The critters are razing havoc on my Mallard, Indinan Runner and Goose eggs? I live in Dexter, Missouri, and have two ponds about 2 1/2 acres each. Thanks. Mary Anne

  • Simple – just click on the link in the Blog or go to our site and enter “floatyduck” in the Search Box in the upper left hand corner of our site.
    You can always call me at 805-241-0141 too!