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Floating Duck Houses?


When Lorie VanWerden called me last year representing Heartwood from Fruitful Sales and said she had this awesome new product – a Floating Duck House – my first reaction was: “How in the world would a duck know that a house is for them?” and my second was: “Is the world ready for a Floating Duck House?”

After selling a number of them in the first year, we started to get feedback like:

“We bought our floating duck house a few weeks ago from your website.  Momma duck moved in very quickly and has laid eggs every morning.  Thank you.  Bob K”

We prompted Bob for pictures and he replied:

“Here are a couple of photos of the floating duck house.  One with momma in the house and a full shot of our pond.”


date Posted on: Tuesday, April 13th, 2010 at 10:34 pm
Category Pond News, Pond Products.
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