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Can I Fix a Torn Pond Liner?

It can be distressing to discover a leak in your pond. When the water level drops, the fish and plants are at risk, and the pond edges are revealed. Not the best look! 

There are several causes of falling water levels. In order to determine that it really is a rip in your liner, eliminate the other possibilities, including evaporation, plants that consume a lot of water, or leaky plumbing. 

Find the tear: With the water pump off, allow the water level in the pond to fall until it stops dropping. The rip in the liner will appear just above the lowest water level. You may have to remove some rocks to inspect the liner and locate the hole. 

Empty your pond so the water level is at least 12 inches below the hole. The area must be dry in order to fix. 

Be careful when letting the water drain that it doesn’t drop too low. If it starts to get too low, you could start to expose your fish to predators and reduce the available oxygen levels in your water which are crucial to a fish’s health. 

Prepare the patch area: Clean a 3- to 4-inch radius around the hole with water  and a kitchen scrub pad. No steel wool

Use a tape measure or ruler and measure from the center of the hole. If you have a long gash, you’ll want to measure 3 to 4 inches from all sides of the cut to lay on the primer.

Apply the primer: Vigorously shake and/or stir the EPDM primer. Apply a layer of primer to the patch area. Most patch kits come with a small roller to apply the primer. Clean off your roller so you can use it to smooth out your patch later. You're ready to apply the patch when the primer is just barely wet and still tacky to the touch.

Apply the patch: The patch is a 6” wide cover tape which  is applied to a clean dry liner. Cut to fit 1 the patch one inch smaller in diameter than the primed area, and trim the corners of the patch. Rounding off the corners will prevent fraying and make the patch last longer.  Carefully apply the patch (no ripples or bubbles!) centering it over the hole. 

Give it 1 hour to cure. Once everything is set and cured, fill your pond back up.

Here are some helpful products to get the job done: 

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