Acurel Filter Media Pads

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Brand: Acurel


ACUREL® Infused Media Pads Outperform the Competition 

Acurel Infused Media Pads are ideal for quickly improving the aquarium or pond environment for your fish by reducing free-floating particles and pollutants associated with waste, overfeeding and overcrowding. 

Our long-lasting polyfiber material is up to twice as thick and is much more rigid than competing pads, enabling them to fit tighter, hold their shape longer, filter more effectively, and last longer.

These 12” x 12” pads can be cut to fit any aquarium or pond filtration unit including hang-on filters, canister filters, top filters, internal filters, wet/dry filters and more.


 For use in all filter types in fresh and salt water aquariums or ponds.

Our THICKER, MORE RIGID media padAcurel Media Pad Thickness

Their thinner, floppy media padTheir Media Pad

Choose from any of these media pad varieties to suit your aquatic needs:

ACU550 - Coarse Polyester Infused Media Pad - 7/8" Inch

ACU555 - Coarse Carbon Infused Media Pad

ACU560 - Combo - 1 Polyester and 1 Carbon Pad


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