Made of poly-vinyl - lasts a lifetime. Cement-filled for added value/security. Hand-painted with authentic detail.

The following statuary are available:

Crane - 23 high x 16 wide (CPP210)

Egret -24 high x 14 wide (CPP211)

Heron - 33 high x 16 wide (CPP212)

Canadian Goose 14L x 6W x 15.5H (CPP465)

Heron - 9L x 6W x 21H (CPP466)

Duck - 12L x 6.5W x 11H (CPP470)

Turtle - 14L x 10.5W x 6.5H (CPP471)

Sandhill Crane - 12L x 6.5W x 20.5H (CPP472)


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