Bamboo Accents Traditional 36" Spout and Pump Kit Waiting on Manufacturer

Bamboo Accents Traditional 36

Bamboo Accents Traditional 36" Spout and Pump Kit
Waiting on Manufacturer

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Brand: Bamboo Accents


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Traditional 36" spout and pump kit.

Dramatic water feature that instantly becomes the focal point of the water garden. 
The Spout is designed to be buried in the ground - and spill into pond. 
Includes 200-gph pump and 3/8" tubing.
This fountain is designed to be buried in the ground for a naturalistic “disappearing” look.
Can be placed near a basin or submerged to create an in-ground water feature with a pond liner/container. 
While this is a project to set up and install, the end result is spectacular.
36" Is the length (height) of the bamboo upright (spout).The pour spout is about 12"-15" long installed
The Bamboo Upright is approximately 3" in diameter

 For 15 years, Bamboo Accents has specialized in the art of bamboo water fountains. Our quality and craftsmanship are unmatched. 

Each water spout is carefully hand-made in the tradition of ancient bamboo building, preserving techniques passed down throughout many generations.

Unlike most of today’s mass-produced commodities, each Bamboo Accents product is unique, functional and original.

The materials that we use are the key to our product’s success over the years. We use a species of bamboo with solid canes - not hollow like most bamboo, allowing for a significant increase in the split-resistance and durability. 

The bamboo spouts are popular for use in all climates - Hawaii, the Rocky Mountains, the Texas heat and the East Coast winter chill.


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bamboo accents traditional 36" spout and pump kit

looks great and was easy to install , all parts were included with no issues looks just as it was advertised thanks

Reviewed Wed, Sep 02 2020 11:53 am by

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