Filter Brushes by Matala - 13", 15" & 23"

Filter Brushes by Matala | Tools

Filter Brushes by Matala
- 13", 15" & 23"

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Starts at: $4.46

Brand: Matala


Filter brushes have long been used in the koi industry as a great filter media.

Brushes will collect large amounts of debris yet will not restrict water flow even when dirty.

Filter brushes work well for both solids removal or biological filtration.

Available in 13", 15" or 23" long and can be cut down in length if needed.

4" Diameter

Stainless Steel center core

Will not hinder flow of water

Extends time between maintenance

FB15 (Easy Prio) - Brush is 15" long and with the wire piece it is 18"


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