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Aquascape Water Treatments

Cold water bacteria for winter pond manitenance.

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Auto Dosing System

Provides water treatments precisely and on schedule.

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QuickFix Pond Gummy

All-in-one treatment solution for a variety of pond problems. 

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Winter maintenance FAQs 

Do I have to remove the pump for the winter?

If you live in a region of deep freeze, you might enjoy the look of the ice formations around your pond, but make sure ice dams don't form in the stream and waterfalls, which could result in water loss. 

To avoid extra winter maintenance, it's a good idea to turn off waterfalls for the season. Remove the pump from the filter and store it in a frost-free location, such as a garage or basement. Consult the pump's owners manual for more information on properly storing your pump.

Are fish safe in the winter pond?

If your pond is at least two feet deep, the proximity of the earth to the pond’s surface will not freeze any deeper than 8”. That leaves 16” for the fish to hibernate over the winter. You do need to keep a hole in the ice using a “de-icer” to allow for the exchange of gasses (like oxygen).  Supplemental oxygen can also be supplied by running your waterfalls, adding a bubbler, or using the pump to churn the water near the surface.

Should the Automatic Dosing System be pulled and stored for winter? 

Yes, the Automatic Dosing System should be removed from in-ground and stored in a frost-free location for the winter. You can leave just the canister portion in the ground if need-be and just remove the control panel portion.

What do I do with my decorative fountain/AquaBasin during the winter? 

Drain the basin and/or Spillway Bowl if not going to run during the winter. Remove the pump & store in a frost-free location such as your basement or garage. Make sure pipe is drained. Remove & store the decorative piece in a frost-free location or cover piece with a tarp to overwinter.

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