Garden Hose Chlorine Filter

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Garden Hose Chlorine Filter

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Starts at: $66.00

East Coast

Brand: Systems IV


Easily attaches to existing garden hose with attached brass fitting.
Minimizes impurities.
Eliminates chlorine and chloramines.
Filters particles to five micron.

Approx 95-97% chlorine removal. 

1 year guarantee.
Unit is complete with no additional parts to purchase.
Compact; less than 12 in length.
Replace every 10,000 gallons...or every other season for moderate use.
Does not tolerate severe cold-can not be left outdoors in freezing temperatures.
Systems IV garden hose water filter works great to minimize impurities, chlorine and chloramine in tap water. 
Use to top off your pond. 
Easily attaches to your existing garden hose with the attached LEAD FREE solid brass fittings. 
2 1/2 dia. 9" filter length, 12" overall length. 
Great to use with the mini vac or leaf vac so you don't end up with chlorine in your pond while you are removing leaves and debris. 
Guaranteed for one year. 
Average 7500-10,000 gallons with normal city water.
NOTE: Does not remove Flouride


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