PondGard Rubber Liners (Large Sizes) by Firestone

Pond Liner - RubberGard Standard Rolls

PondGard Rubber Liners (Large Sizes) by Firestone

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Brand: Firestone

SKU: LINR10100

Firestone PondGuard rubber liners are the industry standard when it comes to  pond liners. PondGuard is made especially for ponds and water gardens with no algaecides or fire retardants like found in most EPDM roofing liners. PondGuard is guaranteed not leach any harmful chemicals into your pond like some cheaper liners. In addition, the liner is very UV resistant, and no covering of the liner is required below water level if desired.

The main advantage of  in general is it's flexibility. If your pond has many corners, bends or shelves, EPDM is able to bend and fold to pretty much any shape. It is also quite temperature and weather resistant, tested to withstand temperatures as cold as -40 degrees Fahrenheit and as hot as 175.

Firestone guarantees the PondGuard EPDM rubber liners for 20 years as long as the liner is installed as per manufacturer recommendations. One such recommendation is the use of an appropriate underlay underneath the liner to help increase the puncture resistance of the liner.

  • Guaranteed for 20 years!
  • Ozone resistant; will not blister, crack, or deteriorate in direct sunlight.


PondMeister Note: Liners picked up at our Sun Valley, CA warehouise will incur a 10% surcharge

Available in the following Sizes

5 x 20

5 x 25

5 X 50

5 X 100

10 X 100

10 X 75

10 X 50

15 X 100

15 X 50

20 X 100

20 X 50

20X 60 

25 X 100

25 X 50

30 X 100

30 X 50

35 X 50

40 X 50

35 X 100

40 X 100 

45 X 50

50 X 100

50 X 50


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Firestone Pond Liner

There is no 20 year guarantee. After installing liner with underlayment, the liner leaked. I had to buy a new liner at full price and pay for shipment. Anyone who sells this and includes the stated guarantee statement should stand behind it or make Firestone stand behind it.

Reviewed Tue, Apr 26 2016 5:50 pm by
20-year manufacturer’s guarantee against UV breakdown. Ozone resistant; will not blister, crack, or deteriorate in direct sunlight.

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