Underwater Plant Trimmer by Nycon

Underwater Plant Trimmer by Nycon | Tools

Underwater Plant Trimmer by Nycon

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Starts at: $54.91

East Coast

Brand: Nycon Products


This is the BEST Plant Trimmer that we carry:

Nycon is the best in quality ... cord is inside handle instead of outside of it to create the scissor-effect.

Allows trimming of plants underwater from dry land.

5' long.

Pointed hook and jaws retrieves severed leaves easily.

Stainless steel and aluminum construction prevents corrosion.

Trimmer works great in garden to clip weeds without bending

It is like a rod within a rod that slides the large metal piece against the blade - the blade stays in place to make the cut


What about Replacement Blades?

Nycon Supplier Answer:

"If they call Nycon at 800-524-9266 - they will "usually" send them a couple of blades -no charge"


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