PondoVac 3 Pond and Pool Vacuum

PondoVac 3 Pond and Pool Vacuum | Vacuums

PondoVac 3 Pond and Pool Vacuum

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East Coast

Brand: Oase

SKU: OAS37230

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Now even stronger motor - 1800 watts!

OASE reinvented the pond vacuum (again). Now you can not only clean your pond easily but also maintain your pool or swim pond - all in comfort from the edge of the water with the included accessories. PondoVac is the premier pond, pool and household wet vacuum on the market and it is now even better: A new, more rugged design, aluminum suction and more suction tubes make PondoVac4 the only pond vacuum you ever need to own.

  • The premier pond, pool, and household wet vacuum in the industry 
  • Pateneted two chamber system for continuous suction
  • Powerful 1800W motor
  • Mobile easy to move wheel and adjustable handle
  • Includes 5 various nozzles and rigid aluminum suction tubes
  • High performance motor for maximum suction
  • 3 Year Warranty!

2 Chamber System - Dual Chambers allow for continuous suction/operation. Two identically-sized cylinders are filled and emptied in alternating cycles. When one is full, a valve is mechanically activated by a float to trigger the emptying of one chamber while the other is being filled. Built-in wheels allow for easy movement and transportation.

Part Number

 Max. Head

Suction Hose Length 

Discharge Hose Length 

 Cord Length


(D x H) 







 15" x 27"


 1. Aluminum suction tubes 
 2. Clear suction tube (for checking flow) 
 3. Flat surface nozzle 
 4. Wet vacuum nozzle 
 5. String algae nozzle 
 6. Brush nozzle 
 7. Multi nozzle 
 8. Debris bag
Now Available: 

OASE Pondovac 4 (OAS37230)

Innovative, easy to handle sludge vacuum, with automatic switching
Effortlessly sucks up sludge particles, algae, mud, dead plants and leaf remnants.
The sludge can be directly channeled to plants as fertilizer via hose.
Includes a special string algae nozzle, a wide nozzle with a rubber lip, a crevice tool, and a floor nozzle.
Also includes a vacuum tube extension and a debris collection bag for the water return.
Special nozzles for precise vacuuming between stones and plants.
Wide nozzle for problem-free wet vacuuming of residual water,
Special nozzle for removing string algae.
Practical cable guide ensures optimal cable storage.
Size 15 x 27 in.
Rated voltage 110 V/60 Hz
Power consumption 1200 W/1400 W max.
Max. suction hose 16 ft.
Length of the discharge hose 8 ft.
Power cable length 13 ft.
Limited Warranty (+ extension upon registration) 5 years (3 plus 2-year extension upon product registration)
Part Number 37230


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I have the Pondovac 3

I the the revision before this one and love the way it fills and then releases the water automatically. The strength of mine is enough to pull algae off the waterfall and sides.

Reviewed Mon, May 20 2013 5:04 am by

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