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Brand: PondMaster

SKU: SUP04520

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Part #: SUP14505


Part #: SUP14515


Part #: SUP14525


Part #: SUP14545


Part #: SUP14550


Part #: SUP14555


Part #: SUP14560


Part #: SUP14565


The Pondmaster AP-Series air pumps have been designed to satisfy the 

requirements of a multitude of water-related applications.

All AP-Series air 

pumps  operate on standard 110V electric and come with a 6' power 


The non-oil lubricated motor is designed to operate efficiently 

and save energy. 

For outdoor applications, it is recommended that

the unit be enclosed to protect it from the elements. 



Oxygenating ponds and aquariums for a cleaner 

aquatic environment 

Promoting healthier fish and aquatic plant life

Increasing the breakdown of fish waste 

Preventing icing-over in outdoor ponds 

Driving protein skimmers

Pumps Available:

SUP04520 - AP-20 Air Pump

SUP04540 - AP-40 Air Pump

SUP04560- AP-60 Air Pump

SUP04580- AP-100 Air Pump

Replacement Parts:

SUP14505 - Manifold for AP - 20

SUP14515 - Manifold for AP - 40

SUP14525- Diaphragm Kit Ap - 20

SUP14545 - Diaphragm Kit Ap- 40

SUP14550 - Manifold AP - 60

SUP14555 - Diaphragm Kit AP - 60

SUP14560 - Manifold AP - 100

SUP14565 - Diaphragm Kit AP - 100


  • High volume pump with steady air flow is energy efficient with quiet operation
  • Helps Prevent ponds from icing over 
  • Promotes healthier fish and plant life
  • Energy efficient
  • Increase oxygen level
  • Single outlet discharge 
  • Air diffuser included
  • One year warranty



For Ponds up to:

Max Water Depth

Air Flow Inches/Min


Hose Size

AP-20 2500 Gallons 7 Feet 1700 20 1/2" ID
AP-40 5000 Gallons 10 Feet 2900 40 5/8" ID
AP-60 7000 Gallons 9.6 Feet 5500 60 3/4" ID
AP-100 10,00 Gallons 11.5Feet 9150 100 3/4" ID

View the PDF for complete operating instructions.

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