Heated Pond Saucer

Pond De-Icer | Heated Pond Saucer

Heated Pond Saucer

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Starts at: $43.61

Brand: Farm Innovators


Energy efficient, 200-watts.

Low profile design (only 1-1 /4"tall) minimizes wind resistance. Floats on pond surface.

Thermostatically-controlled to operate only when necessary.

Manufacturer says Field-tested in a 1500 gallon pond in sub-zero temperatures. (Box says Field-tested in 1000 gph pond)

One Year Warranty.
10-ft cord
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Image 3.0 stars out of 5
3 years
Maintained a 4"+ open water area around the heater during Syracuse, NY winters.

Stopped working after three years. One year warranty.
Reviewed Wed, Nov 21 2012 7:31 pm by
Image 1.0 stars out of 5
Failure right out of the box

Replaced another deicer from Tetra which leaked. Installed this one and it failed in a couple of hours. It appears that these China made units have a quality problem.

Reviewed Wed, Jan 08 2014 4:14 pm by
Low profile design minimizes wind resistance. Floats on pond surface. Pond supplies from The Pond Outlet.

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