Grande Skimmer by Aquascape

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Grande Skimmer by Aquascape

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Brand: Aquascape

SKU: 9017

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Part #: 29253


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The Grande Skimmer is the largest skimmer Aquascape makes!

Classic Series Skimmers

(Large and Standard Skimmers are being discontinued for 2009 - Ask for Availablity)

Aquascape's family of field proven, time tested skimmers are the #1 selling skimmer in the water garden filter marketplace!

Why? Because they work!

No gizmos and gadgets designed by engineers behind a desk, but rather functional, easy to install and maintain filters designed by actual pond builders.

Includes a lid, filter mat*, skimmer rack, debris net and rack, and fittings

6" and 8" weir openings for the discontinued Standard Skimmers and 15" Weir for Grande Skimmer. 

Grande Skimmer handles up to two 10,000 GPH pumps (20,000 GPH max).

(Grande Skimmer has no Filter Mat but can be retro-fitted with Filter Mats by using a very simple PVC pipe that you can put together in 25 minutes  - Read the PondMeister's Blog "My Grande Skimmer has no Filter Mat. Say What?" Ask us for Details at 805-241-0141)

Large Skimmer handles pumps from 4,000 GPH to 10,000 GPH

Standard Skimmer is the same size as large skimmer, but with 6" weir opening.

Handles pumps from 1,000 GPH to 4,000 GPH 

 * Grande does not require filter mats 

 * Grande Skimmer is TRUCK-SHIP ONLY 

Select from: 

Standard Skimmer - 09015 - Discontinued in 2009 

Large Skimmer - 09016 - Discontinued in 2009 

Grande Skimmer - 09017 

Grande Skimmer Filter Mat Rack - 29070 

Large or Standard Skimmer Filter Mat Rack -29074 

Grande Skimmer Debris Nets - 29071 

Large Skimmer Debris Nets - 29075 

Standard Skimmer Debris Nets - 29146 

Grande Skimmer Stone Lid -29261 

Large or Standard Skimmer Stone Lid (Inside Dimensions 17 1/4" x 21 1/2")- 29620 . You may try the Ultra Skimmer Lids #99303 from the old Ultra Skimmers that are 25-1/4" x 20-3/8" x 1-5/8"

Large or Standard Skimmer Filter Mats - 29073

Parts Required to Re-do 6"Face Plate:

29254 FacePlate Skimmer Classic 6"

29932  - Brass Inserts for Skimmers/Biofalls

22010 Fish Safe Black Silicone - 4.7 Oz 

54001 Screws Mat Brass (13 Pack)

29257 Weir Flap 6"- Classic/Old MicroSkim

29146 - Standard Debris Net

Parts Required to Re-do 8"Face Plate:

 29255 FacePlate Skimmer Classic Large & Ultra 8"

29932  - Brass Inserts for Skimmers/Biofalls 

22010 Fish Safe Black Silicone - 4.7 Oz  

54001 Screws Mat Brass (13 Pack)

29258 Weir Flap 8"- Classic Large & Signature 8.0

29075 - Large Debris Net


I am having to reattach the liner to the waterfall weir. What is used to dissolve and clean up the black sealant on the weir so I can put down a fresh bead and reattached the liner? 

Aquascape Tech Answer:

It can be removed with a paint scraper or razor blade. No chemicals are necessary.

View the PDF for complete operating instructions.

View PDF Info Sheet


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