Snorkel and Centipede (Large) by Aquascape
Large and Half Centipede

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Brand: Aquascape

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A Field-Tested, Field-Proven System for Filtering Large Bodies of Water

Our patented Snorkel Vault and Centipede Module were specifically designed to tackle any number of the common issues that plague large scale water features such as retention and golf course ponds. They are modular in design, allowing builders and designers the flexibility to expand the system to meet their needs.

  • Modular segments allows the Snorkel to be cut to desired height
  • Optional Large Snorkel Extension can be used to increase the height for deeper basins
  • Half Centipede module provides non-clogging water intake
  • Handles pumps up to 10,000 gallons per hour

Why the Snorkel Vault and Centipede Module combination…why not just the vault?

Most other manufacturers simply offer a pump vault in their Pondless Waterfalls systems.

Constructed Wetland Filter System 

Pond Size (In Sq. Ft.)Actual Filter SizeNumber of Centipede ModulesLiner, Basic, Configurations, Minimum SizesPump Flow GPH
6008' x 10' 115' x 20' 3,000
2,4008' x 15'215' x 25'4,500
7,2008' x 20'315' x 30'7,500
10,0008' x 25'415' x 35'10,000
20,0008' x 50'835' x 70'20,000
40,00025' x 50'1235' x 70'30,000
80,00050' x 50'1670' x 70'40,000

There are several reasons why our patent-pending design proves itself superior.
• Maximum Water Flow – Having the Centipede Module extend horizontally along the bottom of the Pondless basin provides maximum water flow into the vault as the water is forced down through the Centipede Module.
• Higher Tolerance for Water Level Fluctuation – The Centipede Module provides a higher tolerance of water level fluctuation within the basin due to the low positioning of the Centipede Module intakes. This reduces the risk of the pump running dry, as well as the frequent maintenance required topping unit off that are common with vault-only systems.
• Properly-Sized Intake Slots –Many of the vaults on the market aren’t designed with adequately sized intakes. The small and often infrequent openings of these vaults limit their ability to handle sufficient water flows and require more maintenance due to the intakes being prone to clogging.
• Rigid construction supports weight of stone without bowing or cracking.
• Patent pending Snorkel™ Vault allows for easy pump access and cleaning.
• Modular design allows for construction of larger water features.
• An optional waterfill valve can be added to compensate for water loss due to evaporation

Mid to Large Size Projects
Large Pondless Waterfalls Filter
• Handles pumps up to 10,000 GPH for those projects that require a basin over 24” deep
• Non-clogging design
• Sits at the bottom of the basin, providing the maximum water capacity
#29064 Snorkel Vault & Cap Unit - Weight: 27 lbs. - (47" Tall x 14" Wide)
#29238 Pondless® Waterfalls Half Centipede Module with Endcap (32" Long x 12" wide x 10.5" tall)

Large Centipede Module (67" long x 13" wide x 10.5" Tall)
• For use when larger water flows over 10,000 GPH are required
• Modular design
• For use with large snorkel Vault #29065 Large Centipede Module

Snorkel Vault Extension (27" Tall x 14" wide)
• For use when creating deeper basins. Also required when using the AquascapePro 10,000 pump
• For use with large Snorkel Vault #29068 Snorkel Vault Extension

#29064 Large Pondless Waterfall Snorkel Vault
Unit Weight: 27 lbs.
#29238 Pondless Waterfall Half Centipede Module with Endcap
Unit Weight: 12.25 lbs.

Snorkel® Vault & Cap

• Locks onto the top of the Large Snorkel® Vault increasing the height for deeper basins
• Required when using the AquascapePRO® 10,000 Pump • Multiple Extensions can be used to further increase the height
#29068 Large Snorkel® Vault Extension
Unit Weight: 9.8 lbs.


How do I clean the snorkel? This needs to be done annually?

Aquascape Tech Answer:

You will put a clean out/sump pump into the Snorkel to remove sediments & debris that have accumulated in the bottom of the wetland. In a pond with liner, this will occur approximately every 2-3 years


The Pondless Waterfall is a waterfall and/or stream without the pond. Fits in small spaces where a pond might be crowded.

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