Classic Blow-Molded Containers by Nursery Supplies - Discontinued

Classic Blow-Molded Containers by Nursery Supplies | Discontinued Products

Classic Blow-Molded Containers by Nursery Supplies
- Discontinued

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SKU: C300

This item has been discontinued or is no longer in stock.

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No Holes Blow molded containers are the workhorses of the nursery industry. They offer exceptional durability, strength, and value.

We also give you a choice of container weight to match your needs.

Many small trees, perennials and shrubs got their start in NSI blow-molded containers over the years, makes sense; these are good containers!

Made from 100 percent high density polyethylene, the blow-molded line represents our largest single category of products

Durable, flexible and easy on the budget.

Side ribs, flutes, give strength while a unique bottom-edge corrugation design adds further to column rigidity on many of these wide-bottomed containers.

Molded-in handles on the top rim on all #5 pots and above insure ease of handling to the field, out of the field, during shipping and at retail.

Blow-molded containers are a viable, cost-effective alternative to injection-molded pots.

Blow-molded containers - big, little and every size in between. These are good containers!

Available in the following sizes:
C300 - 1 Gallon (6 1/2" x 6 1/2")

GP85-WLS - 1 Gallon Squat (8" x 5") NEW

C550 - 2 Gallon Squat (9" x 6 1/8") - DISCONTINUED

C1200 - 3 Gallon Squat (10 7/8" x 7 5/8")

C1600 - 5 Gallon Squat(12" x 7 3/4")  - DISCONTINUED 

C2100 - 7 Gallon Squat (13 1/2" x 12") - Widest point is 16" - Actual opening is 13.5"


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