Koi Smart Nets

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Starts at: $58.84


These top quality nets are made to fit standard swimming pool handles.

They are made with aircraft grade aluminum. They use the finest netting available.

Benefits of a Koi Smart Net:
6" stub handle drilled to accept standard pool handles

Aircraft grade solid aluminum rod frame for extra strength and long life

Shallow net depth to protect fish during handling

Black net decreases visibility

All nets and edge protectors are easily replaceable

Telescopic Handle:
Made of heavy wall seamless aircraft type aluminum tubing.

The telescopic poles have a quick extension lock, all plastic chuck.

Aluminum handle fits all Koi Smart Net sizes.

These handles have a cam-lock to securely adjust the length from 4 to 8 feet.

Following items are available:
KSN20 - 20" Diameter Net
KSN25 - 25" Diameter Net
KSN30 - 30" Diameter Net

TPH8 - 8' Telescoping Handle


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