Coniston Remanoid Pond by Poli-Pro - 89" x 54" x 21" FREE SHIPPING!

Coniston Remanoid Pond by Poli-Pro | Poli-Tron

Coniston Remanoid Pond by Poli-Pro
- 89" x 54" x 21" FREE SHIPPING!

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Brand: Poli-Tron

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Part #: 79930-1


Molded semi-rigid ponds are made with high density polyethelene


Frost resistant

UV inhibited

20 year warranty

163 gallons

89" x 54" x 21" - The ponds are measured from the outside lip to outside lip approximately the lips are conservatively 2" around.

Please Note: All Sales Final once delivery is accepted and signed for from Trucking Company

*PondMeister Note: No Free Shipping to Hawaii - Call for Quote

Customer wants to put Remanoid pond in his house and support it with a structure that would support the ledge all the way around but he cannot back-fill it. Would the pond be strong enough for this?

If he means to only support the rim and have nothing below it that will definitely not work. The walls of the preformed pond are about at the thickest which is at the top. The weight of the water would definitely make it collapse.

Uh-oh - my pond developed a leak somehow. How can I fix it if I can find the leak?


The polyethylene material does not deteriorate so there must be a crack or hole somewhere. If you can locate the hole when the pond is empty you could flame treat the area around the hole & seal it with a water proof silicone.


If a customer wants to put a bottom drain to turn one of your ponds into a turtle pond for this customer, how do you suggest doing that? Using a Bottom Drain kit or just a bulkhead fitting? Any suggestions?


Let me start off by saying its not recommended. However, If I were installing a bottom drain I would use a bulkhead fitting with a good sealant & would flame treat that area for better adhesion. Flame treating is simply briefly running a flame across the area the sealant would be used at. This would void the warranty. 


I bought a hard preformed liner and built a pond in Minnesota. I'm going to pull the pump and drain the lines for the winter. Is it better to leave the water in the pond and let it freeze or drain it with ground frost heave on the sides of the liner?


I would recommend leaving the pond filled so it's less likely to heave out of the ground with thawing & freezing of the ground around the pond. If it's a polyethylene pond it has the ability to flex some.


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