3/4" Pressure Regulator by Hendrickson Bros. - Discontinued


3/4" Pressure Regulator by Hendrickson Bros.
- Discontinued

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Brand: Hendrickson Bros.

SKU: PR5825

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The PR5825 offers exceptional outlet pressure control to
provide consistent performance from 1/2 to 12 gallons
per minute.

The PR5825 offers the widest operation range available.

The PR5825 effectively regulates at 25 PSI, preset to exacting factory specifications.

The unique design of the PR5825 utilizes a minimum of
moving parts in a sophisticated diaphragm design that
regulates itself in reaction to the overall system back

The PR5825 is engineered with extra thick industrial strength side walls.

The PR5800 material is high strength ABS plastic and all joints are sonic welded into a tamper proof and impact resistant container.

A variety of thread options are available for all installation specifications.

Pressure Regulator - What Is It?
Pressure regulators are used to regulate the amount of incoming water pressure entering your sprinkler system to the recommended operating pressure of the drip or micro irrigation system.

Pressure Regulator - Why Do I Need It?
A regulator is needed to keep the water pressure in the sprinkler system regulated. If the water pressure becomes too great, it could damage the sprinkler system and create leaks or connections in the system that may fail.


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