Pond Air 2 & 4 by Aquascape 2nd Generation

Aquascape Pond Aerator | Pond Air 2 & 4

Pond Air 2 & 4 by Aquascape
2nd Generation

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Brand: Aquascape

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Aquascape Pond Aeration Kit effectively oxygenates ponds, helping to keep water healthy, clean, and clear. 

Every process that occurs in your pond is dependent on oxygen. This is especially important in warmer temperatures or at night when plants are not converting sunlight into oxygen. Aeration can also be used during cold winter months to keep a small hole open in the surface of the pond, aiding in de-gassing. 

The quiet and energy-efficient design of the Aquascape Pond Aeration Kits will provide years of trouble-free operation and the kit comes complete with everything you need, including winter-resistant airline, preassembled check valves, and  weighted air stones.(2 in the PondAir 2, 4 in the PondAir 4)

The kit is extremely easy to install and simple to use and maintain. The 2-Outlet Pond Aeration Kit also carries a 3-year limited warranty. 

  • Oxygenates ponds, keeping water healthy, clean, and clear
  • Quiet and energy-efficient design
  • Simple to use and maintain
  • Provides years of trouble-free operation
  • 3-year limited warranty

The Pond Air 4 is  about 8" x 7" x 4 Tall

Pro Tip: The pump should be placed in an indoor location, which is dry and free from airborne dust and debris. 

If you notice that your pump is losing air pressure or simply doesn't work as well as when you purchased it, a simple, inexpensive renew kit is available. 

After installing the renew kit your pond air pump should be as good as new.

Customer Question:

I don't have rocks or pebbles in my pond to hold these disks down. Using an old timer brick that has a mfg hole in it. It stands up so there is no weight on the hose to hinder air flow. Every day or so a fish knocks it over. Do you know of what kind on weight I can get to thread it on the hose to rest near the disc's

Aquascape Tech Answer:

You can use most anything that sinks..... Old coffee mugs that you got for White Elephant.... some people have used non lead fishing weights.....ceramic flower pots.....

I included a link to heavy balloon weights... they would be a fun colorful addition.....


Here is a link to real granite weighted sinkers, it may take a few.... you could tie them to the airline..... I really like these for their natural look....

Here are some Tungsten weights.....

You could use the cheap lead weights, just make sure and wash your hands after handling.... Research has shown more a toxicity problem to shore birds vs fish from lead weights (birds eat them with the gravel for their gizzards)

Good luck. :) It will take a bit of experimenting to figure out how many they will need.... Heck a little sandbag would work (like a ziplock with a some sand) could use some hot glue and make a little pouch from underlayment and stick the weighted ziplock in......

View the PDF for complete operating instructions.

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Pond aerators oxygenate your pond, help all biological processes and create a more stable environment, resulting in healthier fish and plants.

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