Ultra Pump Fountain Head Kits by Aquascape

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Starts at: $18.38

Brand: Aquascape

SKU: 91045

If you currently own an Ultra™ Pump and want to enhance it with a fountain, Aquascape makes it simple with the addition of the

new Ultra™ Pump Fountain Head Kit. Comes complete with three fountain heads:  

  • Waterbell
  • Foaming Jet
  • Daisy Fountain
  • An integrated diverter valve to adjust the fountain head height, as well as allows for the diversion of water to an external filter or waterfall.
  • Parts to adapt to virtually any 900 gph to 2000 gph pump

 Ultra Pump 400 and Small Fountain Head Kit#91045 Installed June 2020
91045 - Ultra Pump Fountain Head Kit (Small) for Ultra 400 - 800
91046 - Ultra Pump Fountain Head Kit (Large) for Ultra 1100 - 2000


Easy to install fountain head kit for ponds equipped with Aquascape Ultra Pump. Pond supplies from The Pond Outlet.

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