Activated Pond Carbon by Aquascape 2 lbs. Now with Bamboo Carbon - a Sustainable resource!

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Activated Pond Carbon by Aquascape
2 lbs. Now with Bamboo Carbon - a Sustainable resource!

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Brand: Aquascape

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Aquascape Activated Pond Carbon is a quick, safe and easy way of clearing tea-colored pond water.

Now made with bamboo carbon, a sustainable natural resource with exceptional discoloration removal capacity. 
  •  Clarifies pond water 
  • Quickly reduces pond odor 
  • Removes discolorations
  • Treats up to 800 gallons
  • Comes with own mesh bag
Like tea leaves, most leaves that fall into your pond contain tannins, which are released into the water during the decomposition process, causing teacolored water. Certain leaves contain more tannins than others, but the result is the same – brown stained water. Tannins can also be caused by run-off flowing through planting beds that are covered in wood mulch. Tannins do not settle out like sediments so they need to be physically (or chemically) removed. Start by removing the source of the tannins by netting any leaves that have settled on the bottom of the pond, and by regularly emptying your skimmer net. The most effective way to remove tannins is by using Aquascape Activated Pond Carbon.  Simply place the Activated Pond Carbon where there is constant water flow, such as a skimmer, biological filter, or stream. The carbon acts like a magnet and actually absorbs the tannins from the water. Activated carbon should be changed on a regular basis according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. 
Aquascape Activated Pond Carbon is also highly effective at removing dissolved organics from the pond water, such as stains and discoloration caused by leaves and organic debris. Using Aquascape Activated Pond Carbon is also an effective method for controlling odor and removing harmful chlorine and chloramines caused by tap water.
#80000NEW Activated Pond Carbon 
1 container contains up to 32 scoops 1 scoop treats up to 25 gallons 
Unit Weight: 2 lbs. 
NEW Activated Pond Carbon 1 container contains up to 32 scoops 1 scoop treats up to 25 gallons Unit Weight: 2 lbs. #80000
Instructions for Use:
How Much: 1 scoop of Aquascape Activated Pond Carbon for 25 gallons of pond water. One container contains up to 32 scoops.
How Often: As needed or replace every 2 months.
How To: For best results we recommend placing the bag of carbon in the filter or in the area of the pond with the most circulation.
Why: Aquascape Activated Pond Carbon can quickly clear discolored or tinted pond water. It is also very useful in controlling odors.
Please Note: Aquascape Activated Pond Carbon is very effective in clearing pond water but can only absorb to its maximum capacity. For ponds that are extremely dark or discolored, additional treatments may be necessary. 


Quick, safe and easy way to clear tea-colored pond water. Aquascape water treatment products, 20% below MSRP.

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