Animus Garden Art Spitters
Hand Cast Metal

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Starts at: $42.74

Brand: Animus Garden Art

Hand-cast metal animal spirits live a lifetime in your garden or home. Aluminum is lightweight, yet strong does not oxidize like brass.

 Aluminum is a primary element - lighter and "trickier"to work with than brass/bronze - requiring more expertise and skill in its craftsmanship.

Brass vs Bronze is a matter of proportion of copper to alloy.

All spitters/fountains are single-piped except golden-fish is double.

 Duck is ornamental only - not spitter/fountain

Available in the following models:

DUCK, MALLARD (AGA10) - Ornamental only - No Spitter

SWAN-Fountain Spitter - 8"H x 13"L x 5.9"W - Aluminum with verdigris finish (AGA50)

TURTLE Fountain Spitter - 2.75"H x 8.6"L x 7.1"W - Brass with verdigris finish


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