Stress Coat by PondCare

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A unique water conditioner that replaces the natural slime coating on the skin of pond fish when if has been damaged by handling, netting or other forms of stress.

Instantly removes chlorine and conditions tap water. Contains Aloe Vera to help heal torn fins and skin wounds.

 Prevents the loss of internal fluids & electrolytes.  

Protects damaged tissue of fish against external disease-causing organisms.

  Use when setting up a pond, adding new fish or changing pond water.

Replaces the natural mucous slime coating on the skin of pond fish to prevent the loss of essential electrolytes.

Contains aloe vera to help heal wounds and torn fins.

Removes chlorine and conditions tap water.

Treats 960 gallons per 8 oz.

Purpose And Benefits:

Stress Coat is a water conditioner suitable for water gardens and ponds containing fish and plants. Stress Coat contains Aloe Vera, which acts as a liquid bandage, to protect and heal damaged fish tissue. Goldfish and koi secrete a mucoprotein protective slime coating that covers the scales and skin. This slime coat acts as a defense against invasion by bacterial, parasitic and fungal pathogens. Essential electrolytes necessary for osmoregulation are lost through breaks that may occur in the skin and slime coat, causing dangerous stress. Open wounds and abrasions caused by handling, netting, and breeding behavior are readily attacked by disease organisms, resulting in further stress and disease. Stress Coat forms a synthetic slime coating on the skin of fish, replacing the natural slime coat and easing stress. 

Stress Coat instantly removes chlorine and heavy metals such as copper and zinc from tap water. Stress Coat also removes chloramines by breaking the chlorine-ammonia bond.

Directions For Use:

Each dose of Stress Coat removes 3.0 ppm chlorine and 0.6 ppm heavy metals.

To protect fish and condition water:
Add two tablespoonfuls (30 ml) for every 60 U.S. gallons (227 L) of pond water.

To remove chlorine and heavy metals and neutralize chloramines:
Add one tablespoonful (15 ml) for every 60 U.S. gallons (227 L) of tap water.

For tropical fish use only. Do not use on fish intended for human consumption.


Stress Coat can be used for all pond fish, such as koi and goldfish. Stress Coat will not harm aquatic plants. Stress Coat will not interfere with water testing.

Available in 5 sizes:

AQP140A -8 oz - (Treats 960 gallons) DISCONTINUED

AQP140B -16 oz - (Treats 1920 gallons)

AQP140G -32 oz - (Treats 3,840 gallons)

AQP140D -64 oz - (Treats 15,360 gallons)

AQP140C -1 Gallon - (Treats 30,720 gallons)

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