Aqua Ultraviolet Replacement UV Lamps/Bulbs

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Starts at: $42.19

Brand: Aqua Ultraviolet


Replacement UV Lamps/bulbs (Bulbs compatible with appropriate wattage AquaFrog & AquaFish) 

Models available:

AUVB01 / A20006 - Lamp, 8 Watt Advantage 2000

AUVB02/ A20010 - Lamp, 15 Watt Advantage 2000+

AUVB08/ A20008 - Lamp, 8 Watt UV

AUVB15/ A20015 - Lamp, 15W UV

AUVB25/ A20025 - Lamp, 25W UV

AUVB40/ A20040 - Lamp, 40W UV (80W UV Requires 2)

A20057/ A20057 - Lamp, 57 Watt UV

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