Cal Pump L1C 250 Watt Underwater Light

Cal Pump L1C 250 Watt Underwater Light | Color Pond Lights

Cal Pump L1C 250 Watt Underwater Light

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Starts at: $302.18

Brand: Cal Pump


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Part #: XFRA054


Part #: XFRA055


Part #: XFRA056


Part #: XFRA057


Part #: XFRA058


250 watt tungsten halogen bulb mounted in stainless steel case with heavy cast brass grill.
Must be totally submersed in water for cooling at least 6".
Swivel stand included.
Clear lens included, color lens available separately.
115V with grounded plug on 20" cord model.
The 50' cord model requires direct-wiring.

1 year warranty excluding bulb.

Select from the following:

20-ft cord (FRA059)

50-ft cord (FRA060)

Replacement gasket (FRA017)

Replacement bulb (FRA053)

Replacement Lens (FRA054) Amber

Replacement Lens (FRA055) Blue

Replacement Lens (FRA056) Clear

Replacement Lens (FRA057) Green

Replacement Lens (FRA058) Red


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