Commercial UV Clarifiers by EasyPro

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Starts at: $404.99

Brand: EasyPro


EasyPro offers a line of high quality, affordable UV clarifiers

  • Industry first protective device built inside sleeve turns off power when top cover is opened
  • Dual outlets choose which side of the UV is easiest for your plumbing layout! Outlet can be on same side as inlet or opposite side.
  • True quartz glass sleeve not cheap plastic like some other brands
  • Multistep connectors for 3/4", 1" and 11/4" tubing
  • Tough, impact resistant housings
  • Weatherproof ballasts
  • 15' power cord
  • Long lasting bulbs

A common way to keep pond water clear is the use of a UV clarifier. 

If using a high quality biological filter that is capable of filtering your size pond and fish load, a UV will not likely be needed. 

If the filter is not capable of filtering the pond, there will be excess nutrients in the water and there will likely be a green water algae problem. 

UV clarifiers work by passing water through a tube next to a UV bulb. 

The high intensity light kills off the microscopic algae cells that form green water. 

Make no mistake, a UV will not control string algae since

the string algae does not flow through the tube next to the light bulb. 

Some manufacturers call their units UV sterilizers.

The difference between a UV clarifier and a UV sterilizer is how fast the water flows through the tube. 

Algae cells are relatively easy to kill so you can pass the water (and the cells) through the tube at a faster rate and still achieve results. 

Many other microorganisms (bacteria, virus strains, etc.) are harder to kill so the water needs to pass through the tube slower to achieve a complete kill. 

The slower the water passes through, the smaller the pond size it can effectively control. 

Manufacturers who try to control algae call their units “clarifiers” and publish higher flow rates while those who sterilize the water of all living organisms use slower flow rates. 

A UV clarifier can be used as a sterilizer by simply slowing down the

flow of water passing through it. 

Always shut off a UV for 24 hours when adding bacteria to a pond. 

A UV does not discriminate what it is killing so any beneficial bacteria added to the pond would likely pass through the UV and be killed off. 

Bacteria typically adheres itself to something (filter material) within 24 hours and is then safe.

 Part #


Max Flow 

Max Pond Size 

Qty/Size Bulb 



 35w Clarifier

 1600 GPH


 1 / 35w



 55w Clarifier

 2600 GPH


 1 / 55w



 75w Clarifier

 3600 GPH


 1 / 75w



 110w Clarifier

 4800 GPH


 2 / 55w



 150w Clarifier

 6500 GPH


 2 / 75w 



 225w Clarifier

 9000 GPH


 3 / 75w



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