Koi Fish Food - Large Pellets by API Pond

Koi Fish Food - Large Pellets by API Pond | API Pond

Koi Fish Food - Large Pellets by API Pond

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7mm Pellets ideal food for Koi up to 8"
Specific protein: Our unique manufacturing process delivers protein bound amino acids to the fish which are highly utilized to help with enhanced growth, and reduced waste.

Natural Zeolite is a microporous mineral well known for its adsorption properties that has the ability to reduce the toxic ammonia waste excreted by fish into water, resulting in cleaner water.

Color Enhancing: Marigold, Spirulina and Kelp bring out the vibrant natural colors of your Koi. This color enhancing food, also contains vitamins and minerals that are essential for the development and maintenance of the vivid coloration in pond fish. API Pond food contains no artificial colors.

Healthy growth: A special combination of protein and bound amino acids will help your Koi gain weight and size to produce the perfect body shape. The blend of fish and plant proteins, provide the correct nutrition for young fish to have a optimal growth.

Feeding guide
When the water temperature is above 60F: Feed your fish 2 or 3 times a day.
Only feed them as much as they eat within 5 to 10 minutes.

Large Koi Fish Food - 7mm : 32 oz.
Large Koi Fish Food - 7mm : 5.4 lb.
  • High Palatability and High Digestibility = Less Waste
  • High Palatability from polycheate worms and bound amino acids
  • Immune system Support
  • Specific ingredients of garlic, vitamins, anti-oxidants, and Bio-Mos ( a prebiotic yeast) are included to enhance fish performance and improve fish health and well being
  • Supoerior color enhancement
  • Contain marigold (Tagetes meal) which is a very effective, natural color enhancing ingredient that contains the carotenoid lutein. 
  • Also includes spirulina and kelp algae
  • 100% Complete


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