Pond pH Decreaser by Jungle 16 oz - Jungle bought by TetraPond

Pond pH Decreaser by Jungle  16 oz - | pH Control

Pond pH Decreaser by Jungle 16 oz -
Jungle bought by TetraPond

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* Lowers pH of Pond Water
* Makes Water More Acid

Lowers the pH of pond water and is useful in hard water areas where the pH is unusually high.
Great for new cement ponds to help neutralize the alkalinity of the cement.

Add in small amounts to gradually bring water to desired level.
Take another pH reading before adding additional Pond pH Decreaser.
Do not decrease the pH more than .5 every 24 hours.
Rainfall, water run-off, fish excretion, dead vegetation, rocks and other foreign materials may cause pH changes.
The pH level should be tested weekly.
The pH may rise again within 24 hours.
Natural buffers in hard water (calcium and magnesium carbonates) interfere with the stability of the pH once lowered.
This condition can be overcome by repeated additions of pH Decreaser.
PL004-16 16 oz. (473 mL)
Treatment Contents Treats
1/2 tsp./10 U.S. gal. (2.5 g/40 L) Application Varies


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