BioMax, 350 g

BioMax, 350 g | Bio-Balls/Lava Rocks

BioMax, 350 g

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Brand: Laguna

SKU: PT560


* Biological filter media.
* Provides large surface area for beneficial bacteria.
* Maintains healthy biological conditions.
* Easy to clean.
* 12.3 oz (350 g).

Thanks to its unique ceramic structure, Bio-Max promotes, protects and encourages beneficial bacteria in pond water, resulting in a clean, clear pond. Bio-Max has a large surface area and number of pores perfectly sized to allow beneficial bacterial colonies to thrive, creating a bacterial sanctuary that maintains a biological balance in pond water. 

Beneficial bacteria living in the micro-tunnels and micro-cavities naturally eliminate ammonia and nitrite, which are toxic compounds that originate from pond inhabitants, decomposing organic matter, and runoff from surrounding terrain.


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