Spectrum AquaLight (SAL) Changing Color Lights Discontinued

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Spectrum AquaLight (SAL) Changing Color Lights

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This item has been discontinued or is no longer in stock.

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The first, brightest and world's number one choice for automated color-changing spa lights

Automated color in a compact package? Now your customers can enjoy the dramatic color lighting effects of SAm® in their spa.

SAL® Spectrum AquaLight® produces the same revolutionary 7-color spectrum as our SAm light, but it comes in a compact package.

Especially designed for spas, SAL provides breathtaking color at the flip of a switch just like SAm.

And if your customer has a pool/spa combination, they'll be glad to know that SAL easily synchronizes with SAm and PG2000®FreedomSync models to provide a uniform display of ever-changing aquatic color.

Swimming colors available when used with IntelliTouch or EasyTouch System

Produces same dramatic color mix as SAm® light

Synchronizes with SAm® and FIBERworks® PG2000®

Controlled by a single light switch

Color roll or hold on a color

4,000-hour lamp life reduces relamping frequency

Fits Pentair small plastic or small stainless steel niches

Simple 3-wire connection for quick professional installation

Energy efficient, long life, twin halogen quartz bulbs.

Computer controlled revolving color wheel produces spectacular color effects.

Impact resistant lens bathe the pond in any one of several colors - or slowly roll through the color spectrum for a continuously changing underwater show.

Heavy duty 50 cord with strain relief feature. 115V.

Sturdy cast bronze support base and rock guard is available separately for secure placement.

An automated color changing light designed for ponds, fountains,and water gardens.

Produces a palette of colorful underwater illumination transforming any body of water into a visual sensation.

Bright white halogen quartz lamps are mounted behind a computer-controlled revolving color wheel producing
spectacular color effects.

Special design support base and lens guard are available for secure placement in pond. 50' cord.

Select the Light or Base Guard Kit:

Spectrum AquaLight (LIF08)

Base/Guard Kit (LIF09)


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