Seasonal Boost Kit for Spring and Fall

Seasonal Boost Kit for Spring and Fall | Water Treatments

Seasonal Boost Kit for Spring and Fall

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Starts at: $16.64

Brand: EasyPro


This Seasonal Boost kit uses the new Seasonal Boost liquid bacteria with dry bacteria and enzymes to help start up a pond in the Spring or help with Fall pond care.

  • Cold weather beneficial bacteria pack reduces buildup of leaves and organic waste in water temperatures as low as 38 Degrees F
  • Ideal for Spring start up and winterizing ponds in the Fall, a natural way to keep a pond clean and clear
  • Package treats 500 gallon pond for up to nine weeks

Choose from:

SBK16- Seasonal Boost Pack (Pint - 16oz) - Includes 16 oz liquid and six 1 oz dry bacteria 

SBK32- Seasonal Boost Pack (Quart - 32 oz) - Includes 16 oz Clarifier; All Season Bacteria; Liquid Barley Extract; Water Conditioner

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