DIY Backyard Pond Kits - 4x6, 6x8, 8x11

Aquascape DIY Pond Kits

DIY Backyard Pond Kits - 4x6, 6x8, 8x11

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All DIY Backyard Pond Kits come complete with the following components:

99763 -  4' x 6' DIY Backyard Pond Kit -  (8' x 10' Liner) 

99764 - 6' x 8' DIY Backyard Pond Kit -  (10' x 12' Liner) 

99765 -  8' x 11' DIY Backyard Pond Kit - (12' x 15' Liner) 

Customer Installation8' x 11' DIY Backyard Pond Kit  - John and Julie E. in Naples, FL March 2020 who used a little extra liner for the falls:

"It will still be a work in progress. We need to add stones at some point to cover sides but it is finished. Here are some pics. Thanks for all if your help and advice"

Monica from Kentucky's Pond - 4x6 Kit July, 2020

Aquascape pond kits take the guesswork out of trying to assemble the perfect combination of equipment and liner to create a stunning water garden. The only thing that is missing in this kit is rock, plants and a little imagination 

The Aquascape Ecosystem Approach

Filtration System

Includes the use of both a biological and a mechanical filter.

  • A Biofalls provides surface area for beneficial bacteria to colonize and remove excess nutrients from the water
  • A Skimmer will pre-filter the water and house the pump, collecting surface debris and reducing pond maintenance

Rocks and Gravel

Rocks and gravel not only protect pond liners, they also provide tremendous surface area for beneficial bacteria to break down excess nutrients in the water.

Recirculation System

The proper size pump is important for the aesthetics of a water feature. More importantly, an efficient circulation system will keep the water moving and provide the necessary oxygen levels for healthy fish and plants.


Fish are an integral part of any ecosystem, grazing on string algae and bottom feed from the pond floor. They also make very enjoyable pets, providing hours of natural entertainment.

Aquatic Plants

Mother Nature's true filters, plants are great for adding character to a pond by providing color and texture. Aquatic plants are critical for the overall health of the ecosystem, thriving from excess nutrients in a pond and depriving algae of its food source.

Rock Calculations

View the PDF for complete operating instructions.

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Image 1.0 stars out of 5
Pond Video

The narrator seemed to be all over the place. Also distracted by noise coming from the woods. He showed an small empty pit with cinder blocks forming a rectangle pattern. I thought I was going to see a series of steps in building a pond. Then showing the completed pond. However, this was not the case. Not sure what the video owner was trying to portray or accomplish with this video.

Reviewed Mon, Jun 27 2016 10:47 am by
Kit includes: Pond liner and underlayment, MicroFalls Filter, AquaSurge 2500 Pump, kink-free pipe, fittings, silicone sealant, complete installation instructions and owners manual.

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