Pond Aerators from AquaScape - Generation One Discontinued

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Pond Aerators from AquaScape - Generation One

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This item has been discontinued or is no longer in stock.

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Aquascape Pond Aerators

Every process that happens in the pond is dependent on oxygen. This is especially important at night when plants are not converting fish-created CO2 into oxygen.

Dissolved oxygen levels are also generally lower in warmer water temperatures. Pond aerators oxygenate your pond, helping create a more stable environment, resulting in healthier fish and plants.


To change the Diaphragms (from Aquascape's Tech Dept):
It is a very easy swap; open the casing of the aerator, take the old one out, drop the new one in (you will have to hook up the hoses inside the unit), then close it up. That's it.

Choose from the following:

Pond Aerator 2 -Stone - 99448 - 7.5 cu ft/hr for 500 gallon pond - 5 watts - 2 outlets

Pond Aerator 4-Stone - 99449 - 19 cu ft/hr for 1600 gallon pond - 12 watts - 4 outlets  DISCONTINUED AND OUT_OF_STOCK

Air Stone Replacement - 02875 DISCONTINUED - Replaced with new  Pond Air Replacement Air Stone Kit -75005 




Aeration Replacement Diaphragm (1 Diaphragm per package) - 98129


2" Sphere Air Stone - AST20 - Air Stone Replacement (Non-Aquascape but compatible)


Aerator Check Valve - 99685

 * Promotes a cleaner environment by providing oxygen to beneficial bacteria 

* Helps to de-gas CO2 at night 

* Increases dissolved oxygen rates crucial to healthy fish 

* Helps circulate pond water 

* Can be used in winter to help keep the pond from completely freezing over 

Pond Aerators oxygenate your pond for healthier fish and plants. 

Promotes a cleaner environment as it increases the breakdown of fish waste. 

Use it to prevent icing-over in the colder weather for your outdoor pond. 

45" Cord.

Pond Aerator Performances

2 Stone

4 Stone

Air Flow (cu. ft/hr)



Pond Size

500 Gallons

1600 Gallons





2 Outlets

4 Outlets


PondMeister Note:The Original Blue 2" 'Golf-Ball sized Airstones have been DISCONTINUED by Aquascape.



Replace with the the new #75005 Discs from Aquascape for the Generation Two Pond Air Pumps

View the PDF for complete operating instructions.

View PDF Info Sheet


Pond Aerators oxygenate your pond for healthier fish and plants. Find all your pond supplies at ThePondOutlet.com.

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