Professional Foam Gun Applicator

Professional Foam Gun Applicator | Black Foam

Professional Foam Gun Applicator

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Starts at: $197.99

Brand: Aquascape

SKU: 29268

Allows precision dispersion of expanding black foam for sealing waterfalls. 

For use with #30096 Professional Black Waterfall Foam - 24 oz. 


Can you help bail this customer out. His Economy Foam Gun got all gummed up and he still has 3 Pro Cans of Foam left that he wants to use. What can he do to get it back working

Aquascape Tech Answer:

So I am assuming that he cannot get a can of cleaner threaded onto the gun? Otherwise I have heard of contractors submerging the gun in antifreeze for 24 hours & that will dissolve the hardened foam.


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