Color Changing Waterfall Light Bars for Sheer Falls, Sheer Flow & Sheer Cascade - 12", 24", 36", 48" and 60"

Color Changing Waterfall Light Bars | SheerFalls

Color Changing Waterfall Light Bars
for Sheer Falls, Sheer Flow & Sheer Cascade - 12", 24", 36", 48" and 60"

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Brand: Stowasis


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Part #: GB-T2000


Part #: CCLS3WayOwen



Color Settings

- (8) Solid colors: Red, Green, Blue, White, Orange, Yellow, Cyan, & Purple

- Flashing

- Blended

Bars are 3/8" x 3/8"

Speed Settings

For In or Out of water use

Transformer included

Can be set on just one color (must be re-set every time after turning off)

Note: The cord is 6' long from the Light Bar to the Controller and uses a 4-Pin Connector. Between the Controller and the Transformer (not shown) is a 15' cord that uses the now standard 2 Pin Quick-connects. The Transformer plugs into the Power Source. 

CCLS12 - Multi-Color - 11.4" - Compatible with 11" and 12" Sheer Falls, Sheer Flow, & Sheer Cascade

CCLS24 - Multi-Color - 23.3" - Compatible with 23" and 24" Sheer Falls, Sheer Flow, & Sheer Cascade

CCLS36 - Multi-Color - 35.2" - Compatible with 35" and 36" Sheer Falls, Sheer Flow, & Sheer Cascade

CCLS48 - Multi-Color - 47.13" - Compatible with 47" and 48" Sheer Falls, Sheer Flow, & Sheer Cascade 

CCLS60 - Multi-Color - 58.75" - Compatible with 59" and 60" Sheer Falls, Sheer Flow, & Sheer Cascade


I need 100' of Cord. How can I do that?

Supplier Answer: 

“The cord for the CCLS24 is 15' long.That cord attaches to the sensor. From the sensor, there is a 6' cord that then goes to the single transformer. So total length of cord for light bar is 21'. I tried (3) 25' Extension Cables from Aquascape (98998) and the light still worked using the single transformer. The total length of cord would be 96'.

If they splice, not sure what customer is splicing into. There has to be enough watts available to power the light bar. They do not require many, may be less than 5.

If they splice, I would suggest splicing a 3 way socket connector to the low voltage line and then connect the 3 light bars using the two prong connectors. This way customer is leaving the cord to light bar intact.

The 2 Prong 25’ Extensions that have the Quick-connect on either side are Part#98998 at (/home/tpo/page_5056_190/25_extension_cable_with_quick-connect_plugs_by_aqu.html )

The 2 Prong 3 Way Splitter he is referring to is part#98489 at /home/tpo/page_3411_190/3-way_splitter_for_12_volt_lighting_for_aquascape_.html

These connections are watertight but not made to be submersed under water but are safe to bury or lay on the ground.

Customer Question:

Can I hook up two Color Changing Waterfall Light Bars to a single transformer and one remote?

Supplier Answer:

Yes – it can be accomplished with one transformer.

You just need the 5 way splitter (4 pin) for Color Changing Waterfall Light Bars - for Sheer Falls, Sheer Flow & Sheer Cascade #GB-KS06.

Up to five different color changing devices controlled with one controller. Please see hook-up for 2 Light bars below:

Customer Question:

I was able to get the prongs to make connection and have the lights come on, However the issue is that I can’t seem to get the threaded caps to be able to reach the threads and tighten up the connection so that it stays plugged in. Any tips there? (It just spins - almost like its the wrong size or something?)

Supplier Answer:

What happens is the connection on the transformer gets out of round. It needs to be made "round". My finger tip did the trick to get the connection round by turning finger inside the connection. If all fails, I'll send a new transformer that is reamed before it leaves. 


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