Dual Union Check Valve 2.0 Replaces all Aquascape 2" Check Valves

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Dual Union Check Valve 2.0
Replaces all Aquascape 2" Check Valves

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Brand: Aquascape

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The Aquascape Dual Union Check Valve 2.0 effectively prevents backflow in ponds and water features while providing a professional pump and plumbing connection inside pond skimmers and Pondless® Waterfall Vaults. 

The heavy-duty, swing-style check valve flapper is built to last and maximizes water flow through the valve when open while preventing the backflow of water when the pump is shut off or during a power outage.

A set of innovative reversible fittings takes the guesswork out of finding the right pump or filter fitting; simply rotate the fitting to the desired orientation for your application. Union connections on both sides of the valve make pump and filter maintenance quick and easy without the use of tools. 

The Dual Union Check Valve 2.0 is compatible with a wide variety of filter sizes, making it easy to extend the valve height when needed.

  • Connects the pump to water feature plumbing
  • Innovative reversible fittings allow for universal application
  • Prevents water backflow when the pump is not operating
  • Dual-union, tool-free design makes maintenance quick and easy
  • Heavy-duty swing-style check valve flapper
  • Height extendable for larger filters and pumps

We get a lot of questions about these items, specifically if they will fit older models. PLEASE read below and watch the video before ordering:

As of 2018,  Aquascape  discontinued and is completely out-of-stock forever for the #29703 Elbows for replacing the old Check Valves. 

Aquascape's Dual Union Check Valve 2.0 on this page seamlessly replaces the original Aquascape Check Valves in the Signature Series Skimmers (the ones with the big black plastic half-moon shaped debris baskets) by simply removing all the plumbing parts from the old Check Valve and using all the parts that come with the new Check Valve.

As for the Classic Series Skimmers (Skimmers with the debris net with 2 metal rods - one straight rod that goes across the back and a U-Shaped rod that snaps around the opening) and the Pondless Waterfalls, Aquascape has provided us with the video below to explain the conversion to the new Check Valve #48026:

Please watch the video below:

PondMeister Note: For 2022, Aquascape has redesigned the threads on the Check Valve 2.0 to provide a more secure engagement (The 2022 Check Valves are now grey and not black). The threads on this Check Valve 2.0 are NOT compatible with the older versions of the Check Valve 2.0 (Black)

Customer Question:

Is the Walking Collar on the original Aquascape Check Valve compatible with the Male Thread on the new #48026 Dual Union Check Valve

Aquascape Answer:

The old collar is not compatible with the collar on the 2.0 check valve

PondMeister Note 8/7/18: Some customers reported the Walking Collar and the Male thread it threads on to becoming stripped if you try to tighten. Here is Aquascape's responese: "There was a little “slop in the threads that was allowing people to cross thread the collar without even realizing it sometimes. We have since fixed the valve body and the collars and replaced 100% of our inventory. Odds our the stock you had is old, unless it just shipped directly from us recently. Tech can send you out new valves, since we aren’t sure if it was the valve body or collar that was compromised." Please contact Aquascape directly at 866-877-6637 or ThePondOutlet if you bought it from us and Aquascape will replace at No Charge.

View the PDF for complete operating instructions.

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